Wonder if the date will be true…

Wonder if the date will be true…

Wonder if the date will be true...

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  1. There’s a possibility of it airing on 3rd October since that is a Sunday and Demon slayer is scheduled for Sundays in the Fall season.

  2. We’ll know on September 25th, because on that day they’re gonna reveal more info about season 2 including the new cast members. So I’m expecting a trailer and new poster

  3. but what is the plan for the funimation simulcast, would that mean it would be up there at the same time based on your location, i know where i am MHA usually gets added at like 3-5 AM based on when it airs in Japan

  4. Is it only gonna cover the arc with Daki and Gyutarou? Or is it also gonna have the one in the sword smith village

  5. If it’s coming in October, will it be on any streaming service after release? Like crunchyroll or Netflix?

  6. I hope this is the correct date bc it’s right after the last ep of mha 5 and one day after my bday