These band-aid fixes gotta stop

These band-aid fixes gotta stop

These band-aid fixes gotta stop

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  1. The way this perk is sooo much better to tackle camping than the basekit BT they gave us to help with camping ![img](emote|t5_3cb2g|2213).

  2. can’t wait for it to be used for a day or two, then nerfed into the ground and made utterly useless

  3. It’s time to hold that basement bubba as hostage like 5h with my friends and these new perks.

  4. I don’t get why don’t they just slow hook progress while the killer is too close. It’s a little drastic. But communicate it clearly in game and people will get the message and change behavior. People shouldn’t have to rely on perks for these problems

  5. since the mid chapter, I’ve felt forced to run breakdown, breakout, and flip flop with a friend of mine (with the same build) in order to deal with camping and forcing hook trades. It’s a bandaid fix, but at least I only need to use 1 perk slot and don’t need to be playing with a friend to make dealing with campers more bearable


    (breakdown so that if they hit a person who then unhooks me, if they go down the killer can’t hook in the same spot. with breakout, they should be able to wiggle before the killer reaches a new hook. If they slug that person to tunnel, if they have flip flop, they can wiggle out without help of breakout)

  6. Camping, though sometimes toxic and annoying for the survivor, is a valid strategy, hence why they’ll give you the *tools* to counter it without making it base kit.

    Camping is situational. Here’s an example:

    The killer just hooked someone, they see 2 survivors running toward the hook together. Would you leave the hook and chase one of them, or defend the hook as they’re going for a rescue right in front of you.

    Camping at endgame is fine too, especially if you have had a bad game. If you’re trying to secure a kill it’s fine, they don’t *have* to save their friend, they can just leave.

    The devs recognise it as a strategy, so they’re not going to nerf it. It’s a detriment to the killer if the team can recognise camping and rush the objective instead of wasting time saving. And if the killer realises that, they might even stop camping and chase other survivors. After all, a killer is only going to camp for as long as camping is viable to them.

  7. Excited for any changes. Was in 5 matches and 4 of them were campers on the first hook. It’s boring and stupid.

  8. All the suggestions saying to have the hook timer stop if the killer is too close like Hag and Trapper wouldn’t be fucked into the ground.

  9. Camping will always be part of the game. We all know that if the survivors split gens while one is being camped, it can easily be a 3 man escape. It’s a boring strategy to go against but it’s essentially killers playing themselves.

  10. Camping and tunneling should still be apart of the game, no matter how other survivors feel about it.

    It’s when killers do it when it’s not needed is the annoying part.

    Imo, camping/tunneling/slugging are all valid plays, but doing it when the match just begins/you aren’t struggling? I see no point in it.

  11. All they’d have to do is make the timer stop during the struggle phase for as long as the killer is within 16 meters. Make a survivor unable to be picked up if you down them within 45 seconds of beings unhooked. If the survivor does any action it disables these effects and they can be tunneled.

    It would need some perks reworked to make it possible, however. The new chapter has a perk that will stop the timer then the survivor can also pair it with that old Steve perk to also stop the timer. It’s going to be a nasty combo once people realize it in swf teams.

  12. People need to quit complaining about “band aid fixes” and realize there is not a legitimate fix to camping that will not screw killers over in certain situations and completely redesigning the game. Face camping absolutely needs fixed and there are changes that can be done to fix that but as annoying as it can be camping and proxy camping is a legitimate strategy and sometimes the correct and only play a killer can make. This perk is solid counter to it as well as you can run kinship if you’re concerned about being camped yourself.

  13. It’s good in this case because only one person needs to have it to help the whole team. Plus it can be used twice on every survivor

  14. This isn’t the right direction for fixing camping at all. The solution should never, ever be to keep a player out of the game, stuck on the hook for longer. I hope this perk is either bad or nerfed and devs do something else to address it.