Just rework the poor guy at this point, give him a rocket launcher

Just rework the poor guy at this point, give him a rocket launcher

Just rework the poor guy at this point, give him a rocket launcher

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  1. Nemmy can still hit across some loops and windows meanwhile Wesker gets cucked by every tiny collision just like blight

  2. I don’t see how he’s similar to Nemesis at all. If anything, his power mostly resembles a Demogorgon lunge at best.

  3. Nemesis has A.I zombies and Wesker doesn’t.

    Wesker can vault like legion but Nemesis can destroy walls and pallets at tier 2

    Nemesis can hit through pallets and windows (certain loops as well) and Wesker can’t

    Wesker can hinder survivors nemesis can’t

    I don’t see how one is better than the other?

  4. Nemesis doesn’t really need a rework, he just needs a few changes. Having to hit 3 times, the weird hitbox issues, and the zombies being so glitchy.

  5. Not even close. All they have in common is infection. I would argue that Nemmy is better seeing as Wesker suffers hard on indoor maps

  6. Reddit mfs always want to see powercliffing like a super hero franchise or something. It’s okay to have a killer be different without needing to become the best killer in the game. Just like the “Oh, Onryo has stealth, so she’s an exact copy of Wraith and he is worthless now” and the “Oh Dredge has teleporting, so he’s an exact copy of Onryo and she is worthless now”. Just because a killer has 1 thing in common with another doesn’t make them worthless low tier trash in need of a rework

  7. Wesker doesn’t have the zombies or a tentacle that can hit over basically every waist high cover

    He does have a better infection

  8. I just want nemesis to have a rocket launcher so it will be accurate the the lore, that’s it

  9. I was REALLY hoping his mori would be a gun lol, in resident evil, one of the death scenes is Wesker just laying into Chris with his pistol.

  10. Nemesis doesn’t need a rework because he’s a weaker Wesker but rather because he’s one of the most boring killer design

  11. Love how the fixed the damned if you do damned if you don’t aspect of Pyramid Head only to give it to Nemesis. Granted Nemesis has to ramp up to it.

  12. If anything I’d say he’s more like demo, nemesis doesn’t have the same range range, but can destroy obstacles instead of moving over them and also can hit through certain loops

  13. Nemesis, pyramid head, and now Wesker. All semi-range killers. All make me want a Deathslinger buff. Poor guy is in the same situation Freddy Krueger is.

  14. Nemi can hit over short loops, has a passive of zombies that //may// help you. Doesn’t require any sort of object to deal damage, and is one of the fastest default pallet breakers in the game.

    Meanwhile Wesker can’t play around awkward loops like RPD desk, his vault is bad given you can’t combo it into a attack or a second dash (currently), but he has very high mobility potential and can collateral survivors.

    They both have different chase strengths and weaknesses. Show me a Wesker getting a hit over a pallet or through shack window.

  15. I would change demo before I changed Nemisis. It would be cool if on demos downing shed, he burrows through his tunnel and immediately came out with the survivor in front of the closest hook.

  16. Imo, just from going against 3 matches against Wesker, he’s similar to that of Demo. His anti-loop is a lot like Demo. And he does have a good passive one as well which is forcing survivors to spray and likewise if they don’t makes them slower until they do spray. Not sure how strong I’d consider them but think of him like Demo sort of

  17. Bruh I could see comparing wesker and demogorgon or nemmy and pyramid head, but wesker and nemmy have completely different kits on every level except the absolute most superficial.

  18. When the leaks were first coming out a couple weeks ago, I literally thought that he was going to be a skin of Nemesis lol. The tentacle thing just looked too similar.

  19. You see while i do agree that they aren’t similar Killers,
    I say that they should give Nemmy a rocket launcher Regardless.