New DBD Chapter looking great

New DBD Chapter looking great

New DBD Chapter looking great

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  1. … I am complaining about the lack of Quick Time events where I can punch him in the kidneys.

  2. I’m betting/hoping that one reason Wesker has a knife is that he’ll have an alternate Jack Krauser skin one can buy

  3. I mean in re5 mercenaries Wesker had a giant knife too, not quite a Chris sized knife but a very large one

  4. I’m just pissed that they didn’t make a better mori.

    There’s a cutscene in RE5 where Wesker throws his glasses as Chris, then beats him and Sheva to a pulp, then spins around and puts his glasses back on.

    That’s what we needed.

  5. It’s his knife from the RE5 mercs mode.

    [Pic of it I just took.](

  6. Wesker probably has a knife to help extend his basic attack reach. So he doesn’t get noodelly armed like Freddy.

  7. Imagine if they had heels in this game your head would be poking just above cover when crouching. Plus the clicking sound they make when walking. Killers are unique with varying heights and styles so why not survivors.

  8. It does feel extremely odd that they lifted his knife from the mercenaries mode in RE5 (something I don’t think a lot of people know/remember) instead of giving him the insane CQC he’s much more famous for. Dunno if they just didn’t want two resident evil killers using their fists or what but it does feel strange in comparison to his entire design.

  9. I’m surprised they just didn’t have him use his hand as his weapon, he impales Spencer with it in RE5.

  10. Honestly I thought she was gonna wear massive needle heels and hear the cliticliclack as loud as demo shreds but no she had to be almost BAREFOOT


  11. I for one am glad Ada’s feet and legs are gonna be healthier in the fog. She has enough shit to deal with already.

    Downvotes to the right.

  12. Wesker has a Knife because I don’t know. I guess when Vecna gets added they’ll give him an AK-47 and Springtrap they will give a Nuke.

  13. Context for a person who has no idea who Wesker is as to why him having a knife is a bad thing?

  14. Can’t wait for the crybabies to complain so he gets nerfed /s

    Also those are some smexy legs

  15. She should have heels though. Why can’t there one good looking woman that is proud of her femininity.

    Are we really gonna argue it’s unrealistic in this fantasy game with q ton of unrealistic other stuff

  16. Bhvr says that we aren’t allowed to slay, and gave every lady with style that Chunky bus driver heel