Exorbitant price for the limited collection (1000pc) Vinyl via the Netflix shop

Exorbitant price for the limited collection (1000pc) Vinyl via the Netflix shop

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  1. I would have picked this up in a heartbeat, even at the insanely high price, but the album art just doesn’t do it for me. I’d much rather something similar to the Japanese CD release. But that’s a personal thing and if you go ga-ga for corgis, maybe this is just what you’ve been waiting for.

  2. I’m a sucker and I bought it lol. I know the show got a lot of hate, but I really only cared about new music. I love Yoko Kanno’s work, and I was too young and broke to be able to go all in when I first saw cowboy bebop. I got lucky enough to get all her OSTs for Wolves Rain. So now I’m going all in on this. I really enjoyed a lot of the soundtrack.

  3. Looking at the track listing I won’t be buying it. Too much and it leaves off TONS of my favorite Bebop songs. Here’s the track listing.

    Track Listing

    [SIDE A]

    The Usual Fools
    TANK! (Flix Mix)
    Kickin’ Colt
    Cat Attack Part 1
    Net Rush
    Bye Mel
    Meet my Mom
    Rooftop Kung-Fu
    [SIDE B]

    Milky Cheat
    Blood Brothers
    Santo City
    Bad Company Blues
    Julia’s Song
    The Fate of Three
    [SIDE C]

    Lord of The Empty
    Waltz in High Socks
    Fother Muckers
    ANA’s at 3AM
    [SIDE D]

    Funky Stuff
    The Adventures of Losers
    Opera Lomi Lomi
    Beans Be

    Decades ago I got the entire Cowboy Bebop multidisc mega soundtrack set which includes every single song, I then made my own mixtape of my favorite tracks. I literally see maybe 1 on this entire vinyl set. Not worth it. Whoever compiled it either didn’t hear every Bebop song or have bad taste in my opinion. A double red vinyl with fake Ein hair isn’t worth it without the best tunes imo.

  4. I mean € 215,- for 2 LP’s (both Red btw, on the Netflix shop site), for that amount of money I could buy 7 brand new albums. Understandable that “limited editions” are higher priced, despite of that we could buy directly from the seatbelts band on Amazon two times the album, also with colored (red/purple) LP Vinyls.

  5. This is twice the price it should be (see other iam8bit and mondo special releases). I guess Netflix needs some sort of return on investment from this show… 1000 copies at $100/ea has to be around $100,000 in profit after production costs.

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