What are they looking at? (Wrong answers only)

What are they looking at? (Wrong answers only)

What are they looking at? (Wrong answers only)

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  1. Your secret onlyfans where you troll people by posting chicken thighs instead of your own and claim that chicken thighs are sexier than your own thighs

  2. They caught Faye drawing a dick on the Bebop again and it’s coming out of her share this time.

  3. The atrocious “Cowboy Bebop” live action series on Netflix. The displeasure on Faye’s face says it all.

  4. They’re looking at their life after highschool graduation and realizing that life sucks and you never get to do what you want, you never have enough money, you never have enough time, and you end up spending the “best of your days” serving someone else’s needs.

  5. An incredibly well-done, photo realistic drawing of Vincent Volaju drawn by the artistically-talented Faye Valentine.

  6. I, uh, sat on something that got stuck and now I need lady to lady assistance. Everyone else kinda just walked in.

  7. Cast listing for Macbeth, Faye wanted the part of Lady Macbeth but Spike got it for some reason.