Spike Cosplay (again) [self]

I know I JUST posted but I figured I’d share the mini set of pics!

Spike Cosplay (again) [self]

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  1. I like it, you have this air of confidence and swag about you that’s needed to pull off a spike cosplay

  2. My fan casting for the live series was Lakeith Stanfield as Spike. The dude oozes cool.

    Also, what headphones are those?

    Edit: I see you answered that in another comment.

  3. One pic with the cigar and eyes closed while leaning on a wall would be perfect.

  4. The third pic does it for me, the right amount of scary and cool, a real space cowboy

    Can’t imagine the seem vibe with a bigger afro, that would be sheer perfection

  5. Holy shit your hair looks so fucking good, give your hair dresser a raise lmao. Good job mate

  6. DUDE!!!
    You are killing it! The costume is perfect, you have his attitude, the angles are great, and everything has the exact right mix of funky and suave that we love about Spike.