Just Finished the Anime. I loved the ending. I felt bad for Faye. What guys do u think?

Just Finished the Anime. I loved the ending. I felt bad for Faye. What guys do u think?

Just Finished the Anime. I loved the ending. I felt bad for Faye. What guys do u think?

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  1. Yeah, fayes development through the show was so perfect…little tender moments until she finally a finds her place in the world only to have it shatter again.


  2. When I read those final words, I truly felt this sense of exhaustion. As if I had just gone through the journey with the Bebop crew themselves

  3. I felt bad for Faye, but I also feel like she was the reason Ed left. And with Spike seeing Ed leaving, Faye leaving (though coming back) it was an easier decision to face his past like he believed the others were. I believe if Faye didn’t tell Ed to go find her own journey, potentially they were all still together since spike cared about them. (egg eating part)

  4. They way I saw it Faye’s story was similar to jet and spike in that they where dealing with the past in very interesting ways. Faye as we know her only exists from the moment she wakes up from the sleep pod. Everything else is lost in distant memories.

    She has the struggle of trying to scratch out a place for herself while also trying to remember who she used to be. The whole show has to do with people’s pasts, there choices either catching up to them or haunting them, trying to get away. But Faye was going In the opposite direction. While others want to forget she wanted to know. And in the end that’s what’s happened.

    There is a lot more to talk about in terms of philosophical significance of what laughing bull says throughout, but basically the living cary the past. Your gonna Cary that weight. Faye has to Cary that weight but she’s still alive.

    It’s easy to look at it as a sad situation because everyone loved spike but that was his weight. She will go on. Hopefully having learned a lot from her time on the bebop and grown as a person in the process.

    This show is really good lol

  5. My dude, I can’t tell you the amount of times I have started a rewatch, just to not finish it. I just know what’s coming, and I just don’t want to feel.

    I’m but a simple tough mean man, with fragile heart.

  6. I like to think that Faye hung around with Jet for a while after way and they looked after each other until it was safe for them to move on.

  7. This show made me realize that pain is a natural part of going through life, and that we are never alone in this truth. The pain is just a part though. It doesn’t define all of life. It’s important to savor the good moments while they last. I learned to almost embrace the pain because I know it tends to be a sign that a new chapter is about to unfold.

  8. Faye Faye is my favorite character in the show, and she may be my favorite character in any medium. Kim Wexler from Better Call Saul may sqweek past by a bit, but they are basically even.

    Her story is such an amazing feminist odyssey. She was a hopeful young women, and that hope was taken from her in her accident. Then when she woke up, that part of her life had passed her by. In many ways, I feel that this was very much an analogy for the experience many women feel when they reach puberty. Suddenly, so much is expected of them, and they frequently never have a say in these changes. Then she is almost immediately betrayed by someone claiming to help her. Her heart is broken again, and she can’t even remember the last time it was at this point. There is so much to mine there.

    Sexualism is a part of her story, but it’s so heavily attached to her truama that it becomes just another tool for her. Through her pain and strength, she reclaims it all for herself, for better or worse. Then, one of the only times she’s truly vulnerable with someone again, it’s too late and Spike is leaving.

    She’s such a complex character, and her story effected me deeply.

  9. Have you watched the movie? If not I highly recommend watching it after finishing the series. It takes place somewhere in the middle of the show (I looked it up many times but can’t remember off the top of my head) but is still great to watch after you’ve finished the anime. If you haven’t watched it it’ll give you that last bit of bebop content you never knew you needed. I personally also highly enjoyed the 1 season Netflix live action adaptation, even for it’s flaws – was still just awesome to have new bebop content in general.

  10. i loved the ending but i also hated

    at first i disliked spike and started series for faye but in the end

    i loved spike and other members of crew

    im happy for ed because she is free

    i also know that jet can be a loner guy or at least he can return back to his old friends or open a shop and spend the rest of his life like that

    but faye … spike was like a best friend / brother for her she finally found a home but ed is gone and spike is dead and i doubt jet will hunt in the future

    poor faye … i wish spike survived so they could hunt together

  11. She’ll be alright. I feel like she was almost the strongest out of the crew. She puts off the vibe that she can handle anything but you can tell she will always be looking for something.

    Whatever happens, happens.

  12. I didn’t really think about Faye at all, and since i am now I’d guess this would be the time she gets her first cat.

  13. Just had my first what happens to Faye and Jet afterwards thought. Wow thats gotta be a sad ship