Mystique (X-Men) cosplay, by me.

Mystique (X-Men) cosplay, by me.

Mystique (X-Men) cosplay, by me.

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  1. You could have told me this was a still from an X-Men movie and I wouldn’t even question it.

  2. The darker colors make me think more of Rebecca Romijns Mystique which I’ve preferred more. It just looks better detail wise compared to what they kept doing with JL’s version.

  3. Good lord that must take forever to do. When you’re done for the day and have to wash it all off do you get a little sad? “Well, that’s xx hours I’ll never get back…”

  4. Your face reminds me of JLaw who was a great young mystique, although the character got a bit too much love in the sequels.

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