[Discussion] JLA vs the Fatal Five rant(it’s just my Opinion)

Here’s a quick rant on JLA vs the Fatal five Its just my opinion

To be frank I’d the film itself my Least favourite and meh to me and why it’s my least favourite!

Let’s slice through the cinematic fog, and I’m laying it out without holding back! JLA vs. The Fatal Five? It’s not merely dipping into mediocrity; it’s an outright slapdash, infuriating disaster – a glaringly underwhelming, vanilla catastrophe that feels like a direct betrayal, especially for the revered Timmverse. They’ve carelessly crammed in three new characters, tossing continuity and fan expectations out the window.

Now, brace yourself for the unfiltered, harsh truth: the execution isn’t just bad; it’s a colossal, cinematic train wreck. Choosing a Green Lantern/Legion of Superheroes plot would’ve been like trading a Robin for a Batman – light-years ahead of this lackluster JLA disaster.

And as for my final verdict? Slapping it with a dismal D- is almost too generous. This film embodies mediocrity, a subpar disappointment that deserves to be tossed into the Arkham Asylum of superhero movies. No apologies – it’s just the bitter, Gotham City reality.

Oh, and let’s not breeze over the gut punch – the absence of voices like Flash, Hawkgirl, Martian Manhunter, or Green Lantern reprising their roles? Now that’s a cinematic betrayal that hits harder than a Bane punch.

Don’t even get me started on the glaring omission of Kara (Supergirl) in the film. Seriously? Opting for some random Brainiac escapade over her fighting with the Legion? It’s a head-scratching disappointment that even the Riddler would find puzzling.

Now, as for why this film takes the cake as my least favorite, it’s like Joker without Batman – a chaotic mess that just doesn’t hit the right notes. And as for the Legion of Superheroes from the 31st century, call it my Kryptonite. The lackluster introductions and futuristic plotlines simply haven’t grabbed me like the classic, gritty tales set in the present DC universe. It’s a fan-made verdict, opinionated and loud, and I’m eager to hear your thoughts or fiery opinions on my cinematic critique. It’s not just an opinion; it’s a passionate reality check.

[Discussion] JLA vs the Fatal Five rant(it’s just my Opinion)

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  1. “It’s not just an opinion; it’s a passionate reality check.”

    Lol no, it’s still just an opinion. Being passionate about it doesn’t change that; it just makes you sound like an aspiring comic content creator testing bad catchphrases.

    As for your thoughts on the movie – to each their own. I quite enjoy the movie, despite its flaws. I usually go into movies with “versus” in the title with a lot of apathy and admittedly, I’ve never been a fan of the Legion of Superheroes. I do think the Fatal Five were generic but I don’t think they were egregiously worse than most other DC movie villains (animated or otherwise.) The movie hinges more on its dynamic between Jessica Cruz and Star Boy and the conversation about mental health, which is where I think the movie works best. Not passes with flying colors, I’d probably give it a C/C+, but it works.

    I think it’s a weird choice for this to be your least favorite when *Batman and Harley Quinn* is a thing. I think some of your assessments were overly harsh; calling it “a disaster” and “a betrayal,” …really? You used a lot of buzzwords without saying much of anything specific.

    Also, the original seven members of the Justice League didn’t all appear together in every episode of JL and barely at all in JLU, so I hardly think the lack of the non-trinity members is a gut punch. The rotating roster is part of the fun for me and Miss Martian and Mister Terrific were fine. I personally also didn’t care that Kara wasn’t there. The story wasn’t about her, it didn’t need her and I always hated “Kara staying in the future” storylines anyway. But those are just my opinions.