[Comic Excerpt] Looks like Bruce is getting new love interest… (Batman: Off-World #4 cover by Lesley Li)

Considering the fact that she is a bounty hunter as well … Bruce has a type lmao

[Comic Excerpt] Looks like Bruce is getting new love interest… (Batman: Off-World #4 cover by Lesley Li)

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  1. I nearly had an Attack. Don’t make out with your son’s ex-fiancèe, this isn’t the Arrow family!!

    Glad to hear it’s not actually Starfire.

  2. If that’s Starfire, the conversation with Dick will be pretty awkward at the next Bat-Family reunion

  3. I really doubt she will stay , at best she will be a flirt…also she look too much like starfire for me.

  4. If I’m not mistaken Off World takes place early in Batman’s career as a continuation of his training and is not a story set in present day.

  5. Considering this was earlier in his career where he was obsessed about getting beat up by all the threats to learn to survive them ( as in, he literally goes to space to get captured to learn fighting them ), this would mean he got together with a Tamaranian before Dick 😀

  6. The lack of people whos first though was “that’s just Dick as Batman with his gf (wife?) starfire” is slightly concerning to me…

    Why do you all just accept that Bruce would be kissing his sons ex?!

  7. While it isn’t Starfire, given her culture I don’t think she’d consider it weird at all to hook up with Bruce if she wasn’t dating Dick. Bruce might not see an issue because he’s not the time, and Dick would tell himself he was fine with it even when he wasn’t.

  8. They do it with batgirl might as well do it for starfire Batman is just a degenerate deep down after all. I feel bad for the robins none of their love interest are safe… maybe Tim… Maybe

  9. Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t this story take place in the early days of Batman’s career? So not so much a new love interest but an additional bit of info for Bat’s career

  10. Hey if Dick can swap saliva with Bruce’s girls (Catwoman and Zatanna) on top of all of the girls he already gets with and Jason can get with Bruce (Talia) and Dick’s girls (Starfire, Babs) and Bruce already hooked up with Babs in the past, Bruce getting with one of Dick’s girls shouldn’t be a problem.

    ….wait, that’s not Starfire?

    Anyway I call it the Bat-Family-love interest distribution system.

  11. I doubt for a second this is actually a new love interest that will last beyond this limited mini series. Since Jason Aaron’s run doesn’t affect the main batbooks its just something different that likely starts and ends with this series