[Discussion] do you like black manta’s helmet? im not hating, i just can’t

[Discussion] do you like black manta’s helmet? im not hating, i just can’t

[Discussion] do you like black manta's helmet? im not hating, i just can't

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  1. I love it. How well Black Manta delivered on screen, the actor and the costume, has been one of the best surprises in all the super hero movies.

    The Helmet’s Ray Gun has a classic War of the World’s vibe to it. I love it.

  2. I’ve never understood why people don’t like it. 2 giant laser beams? And protection? Plus a bunch of other cool things in it? I’ll take one.

  3. It’s kinda silly but overall it’s iconic, and it has cool warrior elements that balance out the odd helmet shape. I think a huge draw for his character is that he manages to be a total badass threat despite looking kinda weird

  4. I really like seeing it in live action because there’s nothing like it in any other thematic universe (Star Wars, Marvel etc). I just hope they don’t copout by using Nanotech to put the helmet on. So tired of that being used.

  5. One of the very best comic to screen translations of a suit… by keeping it for the most part as it is in the comics!

  6. Objectively goofy, but exactly what makes him one of DC’s most iconic villains. Memorable silhouette, giant laser eyes. Him not having it in the movie would be like having Superman without his cape.

  7. yeahh the whole trailer of new aquaman looks really nice, like I already feel the hype, but damn black manta helmet is just that little dirt on your shirt that annoys you and ruin your day, this is my opinion

  8. I just don’t like the three wires/lines going into his chest it makes it look like teeth to me. A few little adjustments could be made to the eye shape and size. Still 8/10 though.

  9. Little bit funny but he is a human in underwater he have to breath so it’s understandable.

  10. I don’t personally but I do respect the movie’s commitment to the OG costume look.
    Somethings just don’t translate well to live action

  11. Looks like shit until the eye beams fucking split your body in half. So i’mma say cool helmet.