What’s a moment you wanna see in the future DCU? [Discussion]

What’s a moment you wanna see in the future DCU? [Discussion]

What's a moment you wanna see in the future DCU? [Discussion]

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  1. Either an exact adaptation or at least something similar enough to “Whats so Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American way” to give us Clarks speech at the end about dreams.

  2. Wanna see Superman talking a kid out of killing themselves. Haven’t seen a Superman that would do that in a long time.

  3. I gotta say as someone who watched the Arrowverse from the beginning I loved seeing Hoechlin Superman and Routh Superman on Screen. Of course in recent years Marvel has done a similar thing with Spiderman but I definitely would love to see Past Superman all on screen together. Preferably Hoechlin, Welling,Routh,Cavill and of course the New Superman Actor of this universe.

    Comic scene is from Final Crisis if I remember right🤔

  4. Superman trying to fix No Man’s Land Gotham by Supermaning all over the place… but he only makes things worse. Until he comes back as Clark and walks around as a man, helping someone with their garden etc… Realizing what Gotham really needs. And then at the end realizing Superman can actually be of use too, and makes it rain.