[comic excerpt] Identity Crisis wasn’t perfect but this moment was my favorite.

[comic excerpt] Identity Crisis wasn’t perfect but this moment was my favorite.

[comic excerpt] Identity Crisis wasn’t perfect but this moment was my favorite.

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  1. Isn’t this actually from Under the Red Hood? Or at the very least not actually from Identity Crisis but just something that resulted from it?

  2. Identity Crisis is a story that “breaks the toys” in a way that I’m not sure can actually be fixed.

  3. “I’m sorry Batman that we erased your memory of Zatanna erasing the memory of Doctor Light after he raped Sue Dibny on the Watchtower.”

    Not something you can say aloud or write in a card.

  4. I liked how the aftermath was handled more than the story itself. Its like how Civil War had repercussions that lasted for years in the Marvel universe, but the actual story was kind of meh tbh

  5. I liked the way other books handled the aftermath far more than the actually book itself.

  6. I feel like Identity Crisis was hugely ahead of its time, it touched on some really sensitive issues not really seen before in comic books, for sure it didn’t sit well with a lot of people but it really brought forward some huge character arcs and in my personal opinion I loved how much it leaned into Batman’s paranoia being a result of his friends brainwashing him

  7. I actually like identity crisis a lot. It challenged the status quo in uncomfortable ways and had permanent consequences on the greater dc universe

  8. It’s a good scene, but even at the time, it sounded clever but still didn’t make any sense.

    Why exactly would Batman conclude that Green Arrow is a dick to him because of something that Green Arrow did to him? Is this something that’s based on some type of psychology, or just something that sounded clever to the writer?

    I mean, Green Arrow just seems like someone who’s extremely opinionated, political, and can be perceived as dicks to others. Lots of people are like that in real life, and it’s not because they themselves did something evil or immoral to the people they’re arguing with.

    Or is it that Green Arrow was a dick to him after the mind wipe, hoping that it would provoke Batman into being a jerk back to him or worse, therefore justifying the mindwipe?

  9. I love this version of Green Arrow. Severely flawed, slightly hypocritical Ollie is the most interesting Ollie.