Superman Family Tree. [Other]

Superman Family Tree. [Other]

Superman Family Tree. [Other]

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  1. Some notes:

    There are Earth-One family trees for Pete Ross, Lana Lang, Lex Luthor, and Perry White

    The Wayne Family Tree section has every relative that was main canon as of the time they were introduced which is why Helena isn’t on it. Brane Taylor might be descended from Brane but I decided to add both anyways

    The Harper and Irons family tree sections also combine their continuities.

    The Gordon family tree combines multiple continuities, but ignores the niece thing that Post-Crisis has.

    Similar to the Brane/Brane Taylor situation, Alinta isn’t actually confirmed to be Owen Mercer’s

    There are two other Superman family trees disconnected from the others, they are the Earth-Two family tree and the Earth 2 family tree.