[Comic Excerpt] In your opinion how would you correct this list? [DC Nation #1]

[Comic Excerpt] In your opinion how would you correct this list? [DC Nation #1]

[Comic Excerpt] In your opinion how would you correct this list? [DC Nation #1]

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  1. I’m honestly impressed with how fast Superman is.

    KF pick up the pace. Your embarrassing the West name. How can you be slower then Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman and fucking Cheetah. Your a Flasher damn it!

    I see my boy Bart Allen is so fast that he zoomed past the rest of the list and is off in his own little world.

  2. I don’t think I have an exact list, but if it was up to me only the Flash Family and Speed Force related speedsters would be there

  3. 1. Wally West.
    2. Barry Allen.
    3. Black Flash.
    4. Reverse-Flash.
    5. Black Racer.
    6. Lightray.
    7. Hermes.
    8. Bart Allen.
    9. Jesse Quick.
    10. Wallace West.

  4. Green lantern should honestly be here. Any of em can travel literal Galaxy’s in a couple minutes, Idk who I’d replace probably cheetah or Wonder Woman

  5. Cheetah should not be on here. The rest I’m fine with, maybe a few placements moving up or down slightly but nothing much.

    A lot of people tend to underrate Superman actually and think that the Flash should be massively faster, but it’s actually very close if we talk peak Superman. People need to realize how absolutely busted Superman is, and I don’t mean any weird version like Prime or whatever. Those versions are actually not as strong or as fast as the main canon versions that being Golden Age, Silver Age, Post Crisis, Rebirth.

  6. I would add Martian Manhunter to the list. I’m pretty sure he’s at least as fast as Superman.

  7. Personally I feel like it’s more like:
    1-Wally West
    2-Reverse Flash(Eobard Thawne)
    3-Barry Allen
    4-Black Flash
    5-Zoom (Hunter Zolomon) (I know he moves through time or whatever but he’s able to keep up/outpace those with actual super speed so personally I still think it counts
    6-Bart Allen
    8-Jay Garrick
    9-Black Racer
    Honorable mention: The Rival


    (Also Captain Marvel is shown to be faster than Superman, also all these characters are arguably faster than either cheetah or wonder woman;Captain Marvel/Shazam,
    Superman, Wallace West, Jesse Chambers, Inertia (Thaddeus Thawne),Red Death*, Johnny Quick, Krypto, Golden Age Reverse Flash, Max Mercury, Green Lantern(s), Black Adam*, Powergirl, Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, Lightray, Speed Queen, Baroness Blitzkrieg, Cobalt Blue, Lady Flash, Lady Savitar, Wave Rider, Mr Majestic*, The Ray*, Captain Atom*, Captain Marvel Jr, Mary Marvel, Miss Martian, Bizzaro, XS, Mon-El, H’el ect.

  8. I’d actually give Barry a reason instead of what I’m assuming is a note mistakenly put there

  9. At least to the point I’m at in Wally’s run, I still have yet to find anything that compares to how hard Barry could book it back in the day. The dude’s run across the universe multiple times in like seconds. Yeah, yeah, bias and all that are probably some factor, but man, even when Wally goes his fastest, he’s still going faster than light, but I never got anything to suggest he’s faster than Barry. I get Barry’s time doing that stuff was Pre-Crisis, but that’s the only reference point for him since no substantial stories were provided afterwards.

    Thawne is third, no doubt in my mind. One of the only characters that can keep up.

    Black Racer for the heck of it. I only like a few characters being faster than death.

    Impulse is crazy fast considering he casually completes whole missions in the middle of strategizing sessions. Tim will be talking about breaking into a prison and by the time he gets to the next word, Bart will have already come out with whatever they needed.

    Shazam and Superman are definitely near tied, with Shazam maybe being ahead if Justice is to be believed.

    Insert various speedsters here.

    Diana has a blessing from Hermes, so she should be ridiculously fast if he’s on the same level as his Roman form, Mercury.

  10. Have they ever explained how the GLs travel around the galaxy licketysplit? Surely they’re actually the fastest, by a very large margin.

  11. lol this is official by DC. I don’t think any of this would change even today, it’s hard to refute what DC says.

  12. Not sure about the other characters but I’d put Cheetah in last place and have Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman ahead of Superman.

    Edit: I’m not saying this is how it is in the comics, I’m saying this is how I think it should be in the comics.

  13. Doesn’t hermes tap into the speed force as well? So why is shazam so far back? Especially when he can tangle with superman??

  14. A lot can be said about this list. But what always gets Me is how it contradicts Williamson’s run at the time where Eobard was not at all holding back to not surpass Barry. He was consistently bullying him.

  15. I’m surprised Wonder Woman and Cheetah are that fast. I’d put them at the end and then Shazam, I’m surprised he is that slow tho tbh. Then Wallace (Kid Flash in the pic), then ig God Speed bc they said his powers were drained but tbh I like when he like the fastest one but I like when he wasn’t rlly a hero or villain. I’d prob go Black Racer next, then Superman, am surprised he is that slow but I like to think him and Barry tied when they were younger but has they got older Barry got faster. Then I’d prob do Reverse Flash, Barry, Wally and then God Speed.

    But spread them out dif so Wonder Woman and Cheetah how they are but at the end with Shazam slightly in front in the sky. Then a small space between where Kid Flash would be then in front like how it shows ho, with Wonder Woman would be Black Racer. Then then above would be Superman and clustered at the front is Reverse Flash, Barry and then Wally and a step in front would be God Speed.

  16. I honestly question Diana being here. Its not necessarily that I doubt her speed or think ahe’s slow. Its just that it feels like we never see her “zoom” somewhere. We rarely, if ever, see her get from point A to point B super quick or see her “blur” from one spot to the next. She’s just never really does anything particularly fast aside block bullets with her bracelets.

    Logically she must be fast, but with everything I said above, I’m not sure she belongs here. I’d add some other speedster or kryptonian or something here instead of her. Purely because of a lack of feats. Artists and writers just never make her speed feel very special.

  17. It’s fine I guess. But it does show how nerfed the current version of Billy is. Classic Cap was fast enough to travel in time, and strong enough to push a star. He should always be on par with Superman, if not more powerful them.

  18. For one, I’m pretty sure Shazam is meant to be faster than Superman.

    For another, I’d make Thawne and Barry about tied, instead of Barry being faster.

    Also, why the hell is Cheetah so fast? Isn’t she just a cat?

    Finally, where the hell is Hermes/Mercury? If Shazam can be so fast with the speed of Mercury, then where’s the god himself?

  19. Catwoman should be ahead of all of them considering she was able to take out Barry, Wally and Wallace at the same time. /s

  20. I’d make Wonder Woman eeeeeever so slightly faster than Superman. Her agility is legendary so I feel like that would give her the edge.

  21. Mm IMO Cheetah shouldn’t even be in top 10. Superman *might* crack top 10, emphasis on might, but in no way should be top 5.

    This list was too influenced by the time period, hence why Cheetah, Wonder Woman, and Shazam are all in top 10 and they just happened to have movies coming out near then.

    I know Bart wasn’t around during this issue, but him and Irey I think should be up here. Unless I’m wrong Irey was supposed to be pretty dang fast too. Not Wally/ Barry fast for now, but fast