[Discussion] Suggestions for a new Tim Drake alias? Mine is ‘Hawkshaw’ (Explanation in comments)

[Discussion] Suggestions for a new Tim Drake alias? Mine is ‘Hawkshaw’ (Explanation in comments)

[Discussion] Suggestions for a new Tim Drake alias? Mine is ‘Hawkshaw’ (Explanation in comments)

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  1. The reasoning is solid. Like the name is still bird based. I’m not sure it rolls off the tongue though. Could definitely do worse though.

  2. I like the idea of his name being Rook. It follows the bird motif, could be a vague reference to chess with Tim being a strategist and a thinker, and it doesn’t sound like other heroes names (Redwing sounds too much like Nightwing and Redhood and Blackbird sounds like Black Bat).

  3. I like it! It’s definitely one of the better ones I’ve heard and I like that it sticks with the bird imagery but doesn’t feel too derivative

  4. Saw someone else post this a while ago along with concept art, “Grey Ghost” is the way to go

  5. Redwing- a nod to night wing and red hood (the two previous robins) as well as his former name Red Robin- and he can keep pieces of all his costumes to make the best version of all three- not my original idea- heard this idea from a video I’ve seen in the past

  6. Awhile ago I saw some post a concept design they had made themselves, and they designed Tim as the Grey Ghost, which I think is pretty awesome. It’s a call back to something from the past. Dick got a Nightwing from a hero that Superman looked up to, which goes hand in hand with how Dick views Superman, but I think Tim looks up to Bruce that way, so why not name him after Bruce’s fabled hero?

  7. Do you all remember Tim drake’s code name was once DRAKE lol. BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS at his peak performance level lol.

  8. I would say no, I instantly think of it as a combination of cyborg supermans first and last name, so the reader might too and it would get confusing

  9. Hawkshaw: [*a person not on the police force who investigates criminal or illicit activity or searches for missing persons*](

    Tim is regarded as a great detective, on track to be even better than Batman himself. Hawkshaw is primarily a reference to this, but keeps the bird motif from Robin as well!

    I loved Tim as Red Robin, but when working with Red Hood and Robin having such a similar name can get confusing/it feels clunky everyone suddenly has to use their full names no nicknames. (Though maybe ‘RR’ would work.)

    A Hawkshaw costume could involve an H stylized similarly to his famous Robin R!

    Cover is I believe a variant of Tim Drake: Robin #2

  10. Instead of Drake….


    we just call him Tim.


    Or if that’s too crazy….



  11. I saw someone make a post here with a design for Tim as the Grey Ghost and I honestly think that’s a great idea and the perfect ID for the character. An ID no one big is currently using, fits his detective theme and skill set, sounds catchy and follows the alliteration thing Tim had as Red Robin, and has a cool design.

  12. Too much like Cyborg Superman’s name, not to mention there’s an entire race of hawk people in the universe, plus the guy who hangs around with Dove.

    I would go with Cardinal, the red color suits him the best.

  13. Why does it have to be another bird? It says nothing about him as a character (the same way Red Robin and Drake were meaningless too)

  14. I don’t think this is actually a good suggestion but in the Au I use for fan art and rpgs he has the code name Beyond
    As a reference to the characters brief time as Batman beyond

  15. Jackdaw, an extremely smart and crafty little bird, and also a nod to his father’s name.

  16. It’s possible that DC didn’t want to be associated with the restaurant anymore, but I thought Red Robin was a good superhero identity for Drake, especially paired with the gorgeous Alex Ross suit from Kingdom Come. People could call him RR or Robin for short, but we all know he’s Red Robin.

    I think technically DC has said that Drake is called Red Robin when he’s with Damian, but Robin anywhere else.

    But I’m like, why?

    He was called Red Robin from before the New 52 to Rebirth, and it was never an issue. Then Brian Michael Bendis start calling him Robin again for no reason in Young Justice, with the intent of changing his name to Drake, which was bad idea that almost everyone involved immediately regretted instantly.

    Yet now he’s stuck as just as Robin, rather than going back to Red Robin.

    Someone up the chain in DC must really like Tim as Robin, but I really don’t like him being just Robin.

    Alternate Names I like is Rook and Hacksaw.

  17. Both downgrading him back to robin and giving him the name red Robin in the first place really damaged Tim as a character, he needs a mantle thay can be uniquely his as well as a more distinct niche to fill like how Jason is the anti-hero of the robins. He definitely needs a new mantle and my prefer idea is definitely Grey Ghost. Could even make it more meaningful in-universe by having it be a old codename from Alfred’s spy days

    Playing up the idea he’s a detective or getting him into spy work would be a good way to make Tim finally feel like he’s progressing and fit the modern bat family. You have the perfect mantle/name to give with grey ghost for either of those two possible directions

  18. None absolutely none. Tim Drake has 3 real traits

    1. Most talented batkid for everything but violence.

    2. Bi

    3. Worst batkid for everything involving names

    Having a dogshit name like Drake or Red Robin is important for his brand. Asking him to pick a good name would be like asking Dick Grayson to only travel about by foot.

  19. Tim Drake goes by Red Oak and focuses on his expertise with a bo staff. Renaming him a different type of bird is a lateral move

  20. May I suggest “Sunbird”? The crimson sunbird is small, fast, and has a bright red head and breast. Plus, it pairs well with Nightwing (and, yes, I know that Flamebird is the name associated with Nightwing, but that’s taken and Sunbird sounds cooler)

  21. I appreciate the effort and thought. But no one knows what a “hawkshaw” is. I never even heard of it before. Lol. Slang from the 1860s.

    It’s also not a great comic/superhero name.

  22. Batman. They should kill off Bruce for real and have Tim be Batman for a few years before whatever the next crisis event is brings back Bruce and then idk maybe Sparrow would be a cool name. Or just stick with Red Robin.

  23. Personally i think Tim should stay as Robin (after all he is regarded as the best Robin) Damian should get a new allies hes been robin for 14 yrs which isn’t that shirt if a time if u compare jason and Tim initial stint as robin

  24. **Tim Drake, Brightflame**

    I’d personally push for Tim Drake, Brightflame. It would be ever so slightly more aligned with the Nightwing naming scheme but reflect Tim’s personality and skillset. He’d use colors along the red, orange, yellow line with either white or black to balance them out. And the name Robin literally means “bright flame.” And seeing as how Tim is the Robinest of all Robins, it just fits that his growth would be distinct enough from the Robin identity but still pay homage to it.

    His suit would be heavily inspired by the pre-N52 cowl suit but have a bit more orange/yellow in it and maybe less black. I would also bring back the wing cape from N52 to go with the name an kind of an image of Icarus/Daedalus except Tim is the one who actually masters his craft. So basically a more bright version of pre-N52 cowl suit plus N52 wing cape.

    And the best part? It’s not Drake.

  25. If they retcon his father being killed and being adopted by Bruce, he would have been great going by Drake. Not as a codename, that was dumb, but as a detective with no secret identity. He wouldn’t have a direct connection with the rest of the family and I can’t really picture Tim doing anything but help people as a hero

  26. I liked the Red Robin idea, and another bird like the Vermilion Flycatcher really suits a color scheme for Tim, si a name like Redcatcher would be cool for me tbh.

  27. Idk Tim doesn’t need a new alias. He’s meant to be the most suited to the role of Robin. All of the others agree that Tim Drake is better suited to it than they were.(except Damian I suppose)

    It’s why he’s the one that becomes Red Robin, because he’s the embodiment of what Robin is supposed to be.

  28. I saw a Comment on YouTube suggest “Sparrow” and in my opinion, it’s highly good! I would prefer a name lije Sparrow over RedWing because it sounds like he wants to be Nightwing and RedHood, why not let him be his own Superhero if he were to choose a new Identity?