[Discussion] What do you think about the Batman One Bad Day one-shots?

I personally really loved the Riddler and Mr Freeze ones and highly recommend them, but was disappointed by Two-Face and Penguin.

I also thought, especially after reading the Riddler one, that it was all the comics would be based on the Joker’s theory from Killing Joke that anyone can become a maniac, all it takes is just one bad day. But i’ve only felt the Riddler and Mf Freeze comic leaning in that way so that’s probably just a wrong assumption? (note that I don’t agree with the Joker, just like Gordon disproved that theory but I just thought they would use that as a base for the stories)

[Discussion] What do you think about the Batman One Bad Day one-shots?

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  1. Mr. Freeze one has been my favourite so far. Got some big time BTAS vibes from it. Duggan had a great voice for Robin and Alfred.

  2. I picked those two and Two-Face and Penguin. Freeze and Riddler are great. Other 2 not so great.

  3. I just don’t get tom king’s whole riddler likes to kill families thing it always seems out of left field.

  4. I hated the Riddler one. Great art but the try-hard edgy take on the Riddler was tedious for me. Partially felt like a different character repurposed into the idea of the Riddler.

  5. The Riddler and Two-Face one’s were bad. The Fries one was pretty neat, and I thought the Penguin story was really good.

  6. I liked them all except the Penguin one I just feel like John Ridley likes getting digs in about Batman being ineffectual. However the Riddler one is one of my favorite one shots of all time.

  7. Too expensive for my tastes here. $10 CAD is almost the price of a TPB. Too much for one small issue.

  8. The Riddler one is god awful. Hands down one of the worst comics I’ve ever read. I’ve pretty much enjoyed the rest, especially Two-Faces, it’s predictable but I like the shocking ending. Penguin is also really good but I thought the ending was a let-down and not really in character imo. The Mr. Freeze one is very by the numbers but I think it does it in its own clever way. I’m super excited for the Clayface one up next. But yeah, nothing beats how hard I was laughing while reading the Riddler one. #fucktomking