[Discussion] Another Viral post by the CEO, the DC hype maker.

[Discussion] Another Viral post by the CEO, the DC hype maker.

[Discussion] Another Viral post by the CEO, the DC hype maker.

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  1. While Kingdom Come is an amazing story, it shouldn’t be made for the screen. I’m sure Gunn is just using the image as a visual metaphor of the planning taking place behind the scenes.

  2. If the end game is a Kingdom Come film I’m both excited yet nervous an animated kingdom come would look beautiful but adapting it properly would be a herculean task at hand.

  3. Ugh, please, one of the biggest issues with the DCEU has been the huge ambitions they’ve had and their attempts to rush into adapting the biggest comic storylines without properly building things up. I’m not sure how Kingdom Come would work since it relies on a familiarity with the Justice League characters that viewers don’t currently have.

  4. Unpopular opinion, but I really hope this isn’t teasing some Kingdom Come thing. The whole point of that story was to act as a warning of where things would end up if comics continued down the dark and edgy path of the 90s (which they did anyways).

    Give me a hopeful DC Universe. Please, I am BEGGING you!

  5. I doubt they’ll do a live-action adaptation of Kingdom Come. Animated maybe. This is Gunn using a cool picture.

  6. Jesus Christ he’s just using an image of DC heroes gathered at a table to indicate that there are planning meetings going on. Is the entirety of this subreddit just Josh Wilding fishing for headlines?

  7. If they’re actually doing kingdom come, then it shows that Gunn isn’t fixing the problems with DC. The DC universe is a mess because they tried to fast forward to an “avengers” moment, without taking the time to lay the groundwork first. Kingdom Come would be great as a major event in an established and working cinematic universe, which the DCEU definitely is not.

  8. “Kingdom Come” would be the perfect story for a Justice League: Endgame type scenario so I hope this is where it’s heading, but only after we get a good decade or so to properly set it up with at least a trilogy of JL movies.

  9. Kingdom Come adaptation where it’s a set up for Superman vs Black Adam? The thought of James Gunn directing the bomb scene with all those dead bodies….I mean….

  10. Tell me it’s Live Action Kingdom Come, please god Tell me it’s Live Action Kingdom Come

  11. If I was going to adapt a famous comic that critiqued the dark age as a meta way to critise the darker DC movies made under Snyder I would have gone with whats so funny with truth justice and the American way

  12. I am really very excited that James Gunn has the wheel. He gets it, he loves the medium and has a lot of reverence for the source material. I mean, DC has set the bar pretty low so even just some cohesion would feel great to fans. But I have a feeling he’s about to pull off something huge that’ll blow our collective minds.

  13. I think the best way to adapt Kingdom Come would be to split it into a movie trilogy to make it easier for the general audience to understand. What do you guys think?

  14. imo i think dc is too ambitious with connecting all the animated movies and video games to the movies

  15. pretty solid story, but honestly the biggest reason it’s so famous is Alex Ross’s art. i don’t see a reason to adapt it, it can only get worse

  16. Just please don’t phase out or ruin Wonder Woman James Gunn I’m begging you

    WW1984 was a struggle I don’t think I can take much more

  17. I hope gunn realises what a gem he has with the batman. They really need to continue that one. I want more of batman’s rogues back.

  18. I will say some art forms should be left alone. Nobody turns the Mona Lisa into a movie or comic or other art form it’s a painting. To me Kingdom come is a very exquisite comic story and should just be left at that, a comic story. Watchmen is one of the best comics to have ever been written and then they made a movie, the movie unfortunately left alot of important background details out of the story about the economy and history of the scene that adds to what was going on with the heroes situation.
    Kingdom come in movie form most likely will leave out important things that really gave the book oomph

  19. I think we can take 3 things from this tweet:

    1 – he is making plans
    2 – he is considering an expanded line-up of characters
    3 – he is connected with comic book lore