[Discussion] What are some ideas for Elseworlds stories that you would like to see?

[Discussion] What are some ideas for Elseworlds stories that you would like to see?

[Discussion] What are some ideas for Elseworlds stories that you would like to see?

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  1. Continuation of New Frontier wherein the Teen Titans have to navigate through the tumultuous 1960s/1970s and some get drafted into the Vietnam War

  2. Abin Sur crashes to Earth earlier and his Green Lantern ring seeks out Jonathan Kent. Could be before Clark arrives or sometime in Clark’s childhood.

  3. I’d like to see a “justice league” set in the distant past, fighting some prehistoric threat, think vandal savage, nabu, Hippolyta, an ancestor of j’onn’s maybe, other ancient folks, could have an appearance by the guardians

  4. I wanna see sitcom style elseworld where the justice league is just a big friend group who hang out and get into hijinks.

    Imagine a issue where the JL decides to go on a camping trip together, and they gotta work together to set up tents or whatever. I feel like they’ve all got intetesting enough personalities as is to make these mundane interactions still plenty entertaining.

  5. I’d really love a story. Where Superman’s pod lands in the North Pole, where he’s found by Santa Claus, who adopts him. Then when Santa got sick one day. Superman had to fill in for him, where he then had to give gifts to other heroes. Then Lex Luthor could be like the Grinch and he hates Christmas for some reason. I don’t know how the story would go but that’s the basic idea.

  6. Personally, I would like to see a story where a character starts killing off supervillains a la Punisher, and the conflicts and debates they would have with the heroes over killing.

  7. I would like to see a Elseworlds story where Jason Todd doesn’t go back to Gotham/doesn’t do that whole under the red hood thing. I’d like to see him stay with Al cast/Tallia. The writers could really dive into his trauma/ mental problems/effects of the Lazarus pit. Have Jason investigating how he came back from the dead. Maybe have Jason run into the bat family some time later on in the series and have them launch an investigation, tracking him down.

  8. What about the Freedom Fighters on the side of Germany in the war and the Society goes abroad to fight? Maybe that’s been done

  9. Bruce Wayne becoming a different vigilante that kills criminals and green arrow trying to stop him or a Nightwing like character

  10. Death in the family but with a twist

    But right before the bomb goes off and kills Jason (and his mom) red lantern ring comes to him answering his great rage making him into a Red lantern

    Battle for the cowl but with Tim as the winner

    During the final part of that arc Dick overcomes Jason thus earning the right to be Batman
    But what if Tim manged to actually stop Jason when he got jumped in the cave

    Essentially Tim would do his Red Robin stuff(peak tim) but this time as Batman and with Damian as his Robin

    Curious on if they would actually reach an understanding at some point

    I could see Damian saying “I’m more Batman then you’ll ever be just follow my lead”