What’s your opinion on the “Crossed” Comic?

What’s your opinion on the “Crossed” Comic?

What's your opinion on the "Crossed" Comic?

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  1. Felt like an excuse for the author and artist to just do the most meaninglessly fucked up shit they could imagine…..because that’s literally what it was. It was part of a bet by Ennis and Ellis about who could make the most fucked up story possible, and this was Ennis’ contribution. Ellis did Blackgas. Both are nihilistic gorefests that serve no real purpose outside of deathsploitation.

  2. An incredibly mixed bag. Some stories are pretty well done, focusing less on the gorefest (though still plenty of it) and more on what it would be like living and trying to survive in that world.

    You have some creative stories like the Crossed who’s basically living in a time loop scenario where he’s able to gain some sense of himself, trying to find the woman he loves, failing and relapsing into insanity until the whole thing repeats. There’s soldiers deciding if mass murder is an acceptable solution to the Crossed infection in an attempt to save the few at the expense of the many. And the original series and Wish You Were Here are great character pieces about trying to hold onto what’s human in this crazy world and trying to come to terms with the fact that the only change in the Crossed is the removal of their morals and civilization – they are not doing anything that normal humans are not capable of doing.

    But then you have just bland boring excuses for torture porn, poorly written stories that serve as nothing but excuses to draw as crazy brutal shit as they want, and it can just get repetitive and kinda hard to keep going with after a while.

  3. Gory AF. Quite satisfying at the beginning, but then one moment in goes downhill exponentially

  4. For every gem like Hitman, Ennis writes a near unreadable book like The Boys. Fortunately and unfortunately, Ennis has written a lot of great work. Crossed is not one of them.

  5. Go watch the movie, The Sadness. The movie that was inspired by Crossed, then come back here.

  6. Crossed as a whole is a mixed bag. When it’s good it’s genuinely unnerving, I get this kinda hopeless feeling reading it. When it’s bad it’s really just awful, and it’s mostly bad. I’d only recommend the stuff Garth Ennis wrote, Spurrier’s Wish You Were Here, and Alan Moore’s Crossed +100. Everything else just varies between boring and genuinely terrible

  7. I read it recently because the omnibus get edited in France. From what I new before it was gore and powerful.

    I think I already saw too much horrific before reading it, I haven’t been shocked by it and the story is not great. I think it’s too out dated.

  8. I’m an Ennis fan. Preacher will always hold a special place in my heart, Hitman was fantastic, Punisher had one of the best runs of all time, and his lesser known work like Pride and Joy resonate with me.

    Crossed is too much for me though.

  9. I’ve read all the way up to WYWH and I’ve liked most of it. The good parts are good like some badland arcs, the first run, and WYWH. Some are kinda whatever and I don’t really jive with them as much, but luckily there isn’t too much of that. The gore and torture doesn’t bother me like some others, and I haven’t felt like it was all just for shock value, mostly because I took the series at its word in that these are uninhibited people playing the darkest versions of humanity.

    In short, I like it.

  10. Crossed is like a train wreck. I never seek out issues of Crossed to read, but when I come across them I feel compelled to read them.