[Cover/Pin-up] Watercolor Batmen by Yanick Paquette

[Cover/Pin-up] Watercolor Batmen by Yanick Paquette

[Cover/Pin-up] Watercolor Batmen by Yanick Paquette

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  1. I remember not being a fan of their art when I was first exposed to it (Morrison’s Batman and Robin/Batman Inc), but it really grew on me. Love this one! And always love the circular bat symbol.

  2. This is also probably my favorite “time” for Batman. The books all were fun and all the moving pieces all felt like they worked together really well.

    You had the amazing combination of Dick and Damian as The Dynamic Duo.

    Tim Drake was Red Robin and was performing globe trotting mystery solving in a *really* good ongoing.

    Stephanie was Batgirl and was actually really fun to read.

    Barbara was at her best as Oracle running everyone’s shit and the birds of prey.

    The introduction of Batwoman in a groundbreaking and riveting series with amazing artwork.

    The Joker was out of play for practically all of this, and used sparingly and brilliantly (how about a game of bones)

    Riddler turned into a good guy which was really fun to see him interact with the city.

    And even the tangentially related characters were fantastic, you had Catwoman and the Gotham City Sirens in such a fun book, Huntress was like an honorary member of the Bat-Family, and Renee Montoya was killing it as The Question.

    Oh not to mention that when Bruce finally did come back he was allowed to share the role with Dick which let us get some amazing Batman Inc stuff that gave me some of my favorite international Batmen (like Jiro or Night Runner and I do so wish we got to see more of them).

    This was such a fantastic time and the only thing that was really missing from back then that we have now is the absolute joy that is having Jason be an actual part of the family.

    Currently I think as a result of Joker War the books have really been sliding back to this (as we saw in Fear State, specifically the Nightwing Tie in/Batgirls pilot story) and it feels so good. It makes me happy to be following all these characters that I love so much.