Hold or cell

Hold or cell

Hold or cell

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  1. Everyone telling you to cell, but you should have actually sold at the peak popularity of venom: let there be carnage. This is the drop right now, the complete opposite of when to sell. It’s like stock. Hold! The next time to sell will be the hype surrounding Venom fighting MCU spidey

  2. Probably not worth much. Never heard of that carnage character. If you want I will take it off your hands for a couple of dollars. ????????????

  3. I don’t know. After how terrible the movie was I would worry the price could drop. But no idea what this is worth.

  4. What do you want to do?

    If you need cash, bought it just to flip it, don’t care about Spiderman or Carnage– then sell it if you want.

    If you’re a fan, are ok with holding onto it for long term value growth– then keep it.