Adult versions of the Teen Titans (Art by Alex Ross)

Adult versions of the Teen Titans (Art by Alex Ross)

Adult versions of the Teen Titans (Art by Alex Ross)

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  1. that flash costume is perfection. the rest are pretty great too, wish they would use more of these designs

  2. So Speedy has some sort of cowl, a mask that isn’t attached to it, AND a hat? Bit of overkill there, but I like the rest of the designs, especially Flash’s.

  3. Who inked this? Ross himself? I’m definitely not used to seeing Ross’ work with such heavy line work. Really cool stuff actually.

  4. Every time I see this Flash design I weep at how they’ve never used it. It feels like a no brainer for a unique Adult Bart/Impulse costume.

  5. I unironically love that Supergirl design, especially the hair. It is a *little* too swimsuit-y, but I think it works

  6. Really cool to see his artwork rendered in that style. Looks great. I think adult robin is maybe a bit too goofy but I do like it.

    If there’s one thing I wish we’d see more of from comics it’s meaningful progression of time. I feel like the underlying promise of something like Teen Titans is that this new generation of heroes will graduate and become the core set.

  7. Everyone talking about the bad colour job but based on the tweet Ross got done bad by the inker. It’s amazing how the medium changes the quality of the work. Ross’ pencils are amazing, his painting is technically brilliant but just doesn’t work in comics for me, while (sub) standard inked and coloured work looks average.

  8. Flash with the *flashiest* hero suit I have ever seen. I demand this be used more often, please.

  9. Alex Ross is one of the all time great costume designers and absolutely the best at redesigning characters. He just distills everything that works about a look and infuses it into something new and exciting.