Hawkeye, just a guy in a funny suit (secret wars ‘84 #6)

Hawkeye, just a guy in a funny suit (secret wars ‘84 #6)

Hawkeye, just a guy in a funny suit (secret wars ‘84 #6)

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  1. Secret Wars drove me absolutely mental when I noticed that Shooter never used periods to end any sentence. Not one, so far as I could see. Twelve issues of “Hey! It’s Spider-Man! I didn’t know Spider-Man was here! Can I ask you a question?” “Go ahead, Hulk!”

    Characters would be whispering with exclamation points.

  2. So…the moral of the story is Reed Richards is the kind of friend who “borrows” things and doesn’t give them back?

  3. In the background it looks like the Hulk is telling the others about the size of the fish he caught.

  4. At least his suit is just funny; Spidey has to keep thinking of funny things to say on the spot

  5. Don’t forget the iconic followup.[](

  6. Hawkeye’s a strong candidate for *Secret Wars*’ Sixth Man award. This scene, Pat-a-cake with Klaw and the Lizard, taking down Piledriver, all cool moments to my 7 year old eyes. Those and the Gruenwald mini-series made me a life-long fan.

  7. I’m pretty sure he’s saying that jokingly in comparison to everyone else on the team.

    Just like in age of Ultron when he says it, he didn’t say it with a smile and a giggle, but it was meant to lighten the mood.

    Because you know. He’s human.