Christopher Priest in 2001

Christopher Priest in 2001

Christopher Priest in 2001

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  1. Him talking about white guilt kinda reminds me of Roy Wood Jr doing a bit about a black guy working in a civil rights museum.

    “Look! Look what you did to us!!”

  2. I see this comment less about accommodating white readers, but rather a point about not pigeonholing black stories to being only about fighting the white man. You don’t need to see a character overcome oppression to validate why they should be great. But ultimately, it’s hard to have a strong opinion about this because a) I’m white, b) I’ve never felt uncomfortable by “black stories.”

    That said, I do see this trope a lot but honestly it comes from fake, Oscar bait or Disney woke stories; not authentic ones. Especially now, twenty years later, I feel like there are a lot more black or minority stories where it’s less about hating the white guy and more about celebrating who you are. It’s the second time this week I brought him up, but a big part of what makes Miles so great for me. It’s not about him being “black” spider-man. He’s just an everyday kid from New York who happens to be a hero saving the day.

  3. Remember when movies cost 8 bucks?

    What “black” music was he listening to in 01 where all they do is white bash?

  4. I think maybe there’s some valid points here but I don’t see why it should be expected of “black” movies to promote healing per se. “White” movies in 2001, and to this day, often deal with black people and other minorities strictly as stereotypes, they also weren’t exactly pushing “healing”. I think his expectation of “black” entertainment is a little unfair honestly.

    I love Priest and think he’s probably a smarter guy than I am but I don’t think I agree here (I say this as a possibly clueless white guy).

  5. But the thing is that it’s not all of that. Tons of stuff isn’t just about white this white that . Many of those feelings are coming from loved experiences and the fact that race plays a huge part in everything you do. A black person could spend their entire life doing stuff that doesn’t necessarily have to do with race and their race will affect that. But people write and direct about their experiences and for years these stories haven’t been told and most of these experiences are based on things still happening. Someone may not be directly responsible for that but they may benefit from it.It’s not up to us to unite it’s two sided. There’s been hundreds of films and stories about what some black people have done to help bridged the divide and yes some white people too but you don’t see that story as much. If it polarizes then the person doesn’t care enough about the actual issue . It’s like people getting mad at protest and riots yet ignoring the tons of issues that led up to the situation and nor fixing them so it doesn’t happen again. And there’s very few black films at all. And I doubt there’s many black people are on the record executive boards or own the film companies that put this stuff out there. Yes there’s black people who do do that and black people writing these stories many of which should be told. But for some reason 9/10 black movies have been slavery or black people getting shot by police or police brutality. Despite at least from my experience tons of black people being tired of slave movies and black trauma. But slave movies and trauma are emotional and allow very powerful stories.There’s tons of other black stories they just don’t always get told or as much attention.

  6. Ah yes, cue 90 white guys self righteously proclaiming that they’ve never experienced racism and they think this older black man doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  7. He is so smart loved his Deathstroke rebirth run his style is so incredible I personally loved it his take on Batman was really enjoyable when Batman grabbed Rose I also liked when Slade was blind anybody who hasn’t checked it out I highly recommend

  8. Depends on exactly what he constitutes as white people bashing. And also I mean. This was 20 years ago. I wonder what he’d say about it now.

  9. I’m Chinese and I get bashed by something the ccp did which I had nothing to do with. Ask the Russians , Mexicans or any other minorities. Appearently we’re portrayed very well in media. So it’s only the black films are the problem right ?

  10. I mean, it feels like he’s directly referring to the Elizabeth Banks version of “Charlie’s Angels” even though I know he’s not. That movie was one of the few that I’ve ever heard of that could credibly be described as misandrist.

  11. Really insightful of Priest to talk about this. It’s an unfortunate polarization that still goes on today. Trying to combat hate with more hate isn’t going to eliminate bigotry, just drive a deeper wedge between people.

  12. I think it’s cool that Priest is trying to see race in entertainment from more than one racial perspective, but I think that –not being white– he has a blind spot for how white people (generally) consume criticism of whiteness. One white tribe (mine, full disclosure) laughs at the white buffoon as representing the other tribe that they hate anyhow and don’t identify enough to be offended OR to learn anything, even to the extent that the point may actually apply even if you assume one has no personal racial prejudice. The other tribe assumes that the caricature IS aimed at them *specifically* (not all white people) but at the same time denies there’s any truth in it.

  13. What is this trash? Maybe black people make movies for black people, not everything has to be for the white men in the room

  14. I’m torn on this.

    On one hand I see where he’s coming from and I get that there are a sub-section of white people who genuinely don’t hold hostile or even passive aggressive issues with black people and are offended to be lumped in with the whites who do. And I don’t necessarily blame them for that as I, in the past, have gotten annoyed with “Men Are Trash” narratives as someone who hasn’t wronged women in awful ways in his life time.

    However, I feel like this idea puts a lot of weight onto black people to do the healing when, outside of usual circumstances, black people are not typically the aggressors and if they are it’s seldom racially motivated.

    It also acts like the majority of the world has moved on from racism, and depending on when this quote was spoken, 2001 proved the exact opposite. And 2013-2021 has also proven that to be false as well.

  15. Descendants of Slave Owners and Colonists:
    “My ancestors built this country! I own the fruit of their conquests and am entitled to their honors, rewards and land.”

    Indigenous/Descendants of Former Slaves:
    “Okay. Then I too am entitled to **reparations** for **MY** ancestors who were slaves/displaced by **your** ancestors.”

    Descendants of Slave Ownerrs and Colonists:
    “What? That’s not fair. **I** never owned slaves. That was my *ancestors*. I own their conquests, not their crimes.”

  16. It’s almost.

    As if you’re on the precipice of empathy, but… just can’t take the fucking leap.

    Edit: yo white people. Maybe it hurts to be hated IS THE POINT.

  17. Christopher Priest read the room and said what his desired consumer audience wanted to hear. Notice he doesn’t name any Black films or even define what makes a story Black. It’s only been in the last decade that Hollywood even released films produced, directed, written, and casted with primarily Black creatives on a regular basis. Most films that qualified as such were targeting Black audiences and never released in the mainstream. Also this is like saying Schindler’s list makes Nazis feel bad. White people have really got to stop looking to Black tokens with ulterior motives for validation of their prejudices and ignorance. Kanye West, 50 cent and other pop Black icons are caricatures of tiny slices of African and Diasporic African culture. They purposely play to tropes whites have internalized as Blackness for profit. They are not real. Most real Black culture is hidden and treated as sacred to Black people. The second something is monetized and shared for mass consumption just assume it’s about an inch deep in Blackness.

  18. You know it’s funny. He’s right that it’s nonsense to feel shame for something you had nothing to with. Same goes, though, for pride. It’s nonsense to feel pride for something you had nothing to do with. Of course, if your grandfather was a bank robber, and passed they money down to you, it would be silly to feel shame for what he did, but if you benefit from the fruit of the crime… I don’t know, what should your feelings be about that nice whatever that you bought? I think that’s an interesting question.

  19. Boy this sure is an opinion. It really does ignore the systematic inequality that goes on every day and puts the onus on the oppressed to solve the problems, violence and prejudice.

    It’s also a quote from 20 years ago when the general narrative was “racism is over”. So I’d actually be interested in what Priest thinks of his own quote now.

    Edit. I love the downvotes from the fragile white redditors. Keep em coming

  20. How do I put this?

    His comment are both deeply out of touch with the complex and fraught history of relations between black people and whites in America and utterly cowardly in Priest’s resolve to say nothing and do even less. To be honest, more than being pro-white (which it honestly isn’t) it’s a comment that’s deeply anti-black because it serves to diminish the efforts of Black men and women in music and film who wish to speak on the fraught relations and deal with the complexities into “we all just hate whitey.” Or even the black filmmakers and musicians who just want to make music and film without reflecting real life.

    That he is or was this tone-deaf and un-empathic is disgusting.

    I ended this on something harsh, but that would deny him the ability to change. So I hope he has.

  21. Imagine blaming POC for doing what White people have done for centuries as if it’s their fault.

    Imagine being this fucking ignorant

  22. Ah. Old reliable.

    The good ol’, down home, country-fried, red-blooded, all-American contention that the reaction of victims of racism, *to* racism, is the *real* racism.

    Amirite, guys? Mission accomplished.

  23. I mean… it’s wrong for media to be pushing an agenda against any particular race. However, I can’t really think of any examples of media made specifically with an intent to make white people feel dumb or guilty either though. Maybe it’s out there and I just don’t know about it?

  24. Well I don’t mind having my own race shamed. There are great white people and shitty white people, the same can be said of every single race.

    If you can’t make fun of yourself you can’t make fun of anyone else.

    I get a lot more flack from the _____ for being straight white and uninterested in their sex life. That’s way more of a problem to me.

    Uninterested means only that, it doesn’t mean I’m afraid of anyone or opposed to them, I’m one hundred percent uninterested in someone else’s sex life, straight, queer, trans, or rabbit frog I don’t care.

    Why do I need to know what sexual preference you have? Honestly tell me one good reason I should give one tiny little duck if you’re gay or not. I wasn’t hitting on you, I wasn’t talking to you and I wasn’t going to, but now you put me in a position to defend myself against you attacking me for not already knowing what you like to do with your dick so f off you terrorist nut you have to have some reason it’s important to you other than filling wonderful dead silence with that garbage information.

    LOL! Im so happy that was fun. Like writing a script to a movie.

  25. Dude, that’s the point of art in looking at things from a different angle. reminds me of a discussion with me in Germany, where people complained about almanic jokes. alman is the Turkish word for German. we have a very large Turkish community here, and the joke is to look at the dominant culture from the outside.

    i am a hobby comic creator and so are my friends. and you will see why our position in society has also influenced our art. I give e.g. like yuppie, educational elitist and new right like the identitarian movement. just wasn’t at the bottom of society.

    I mean one of my buddies is actually from Syria. we met at school back in 2016 and are best friends to this day. he is an absolute fan of the 80s independent comic wave (Nexus, Mage, TMNT, The King Hell Heroica).
    and you can already see that a lot of what he does is shaped by his own experiences. be it back then in Syria, his flight to Europe and his new life here in Europe.

    I mean his characters that he writes are all people who have to grapple with a world with an environment that is tough on them. white e.g. for our superhero universe that we are working on, that he writes a police officer who is an alien or cyborg and who are actually war victims, and now the people are looking for who have done this to them.

    I mean yours have Milestone Universe here in the US too. and that’s also good to see what your status quo means for others.

  26. What is the point of this post? To give people a chance to virtue signal over a blurb from 20 years ago? I got news for anyone pedantic enough to engage with this quote: the world has changed a lot in the last 20 years. In a culture where slurs against gay people and the handicap were common place in media, this is barely a blip. But by all means act like you’re such a better person who’ll never say anything that they won’t regret decades later.

  27. Priest is a great writer but he’s also an old man. His experiences have shaped his politics and while he’s allowed to believe the things he does that doesn’t make him right. And I can’t exactly remember but dude has had some god awful takes on gender roles too.

  28. I believe this is from that first Black Panther collection? He says some wild stuff that’s pretty yikes from an anywhere modern lens.

  29. Let’s be honest. If anyone bashes white people it’s white people bashing themselves. I rarely hear “black” people bashing white people. If anything they are the ones who tell the white bashers to stop it already.

  30. Look, I disagree strongly with his words, and I think he is referring to a phenomenon that is not really commonplace. However, whatever. This man’s a goddamn legend. His work on Black Panther(among many other comics) is legendary. He made comic book history, and I don’t care if we disagree. This man revolutionized the industry and paved the way forward for many other marginalized people.

    Seriously though, his run on Black Panther is legendary.

  31. This is the single fucking dumbest thing I have ever read. ANYONE who subscribes to this cry baby blubbering bullshit is beyond sad, beyond fragile, beyond pathetic.

    We keep people as slaves, bomb their cities, burn their homes, hang them from trees, and tell them it’s their fault. But then these fragile fucking losers feel attacked by MEDIA?

    You literally have it so easy you’re biggest issue here is a feeling of vague unease that you get from media that’s not perfectly tailored to your sensitive little ass because every piece of media you have ever consumed was made for you and the very idea that something wasn’t hurts your pussy ass pathetic feelings.

    Holy fuck white people, we literally have no natural predators in this ecosystem, can we all stop trying to find a way to be the victims?