Can we agree that catwoman armpit windows are stupid? Why is she trying to show of her smelly pits?

Can we agree that catwoman armpit windows are stupid? Why is she trying to show of her smelly pits?

Can we agree that catwoman armpit windows are stupid? Why is she trying to show of her smelly pits?

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  1. Maybe she has the same problem I do where I put on all my clothes and then realize I forgot deodorant. Armpit holes would be helpful for that.

  2. It’s a full-body leather skin tight costume. Having armpit holes is actually pretty fucking genius.

  3. I think it would look much better if the sleeves didn’t connect to the rest of the costume through the shoulders and were just opera gloves instead.

  4. I feel like it’s a practical thought for mobility. Wearing a skin tight, full body leather suit would be crazy restrictive for the arms, and it’s clearly designed in a way to allow movement.

    Only problem is there’s nothing else like it in the rest of the suit to move, just the armpits, so it does stand out quite a bit.

  5. I hate how practical that is… At least as practical wearing a full body leather can be (see Michelle Fifer almost passing out wearing her car women outfit)

  6. It looks like it would provide greater range of motion and prevent the age old problem of sweaty latex

  7. I’ve come to accept that a lot of comic book costumes are trash and I’m ok with that since it ultimately doesn’t matter.

  8. i like this costume, just not for catwoman. i like how hers and batman’s outfits look like they blend in the darkness, making her show more skin just defeats the purpose imo

  9. It couldn’t get any better than it already was and someone in DC decided they needed an update so this is all they could come up with.

  10. Having never worn a skin tight suit made of latex/leather I think it might be practical? I would think it both make it easier lift your arm up and also feel more comfortable when you have your arm down.

  11. In a world full of superheroes that can punch through walls, planets AND F*CKING REALITY, I guess Selina has a point that proper combat armor for a normie is useless. She might as well tempt fate with even less covering. She better pray she can dodge everything cuz damn. She is in 1HKO territory

  12. EXCUSE ME- if you’ve ever worn a full body jumpsuit, having your armpits exposed keeps your body temp down and gives you like WAY more freedom of movement. Like, get a full leotard dude!

  13. Her costume has parts: the sleeves, tank top, pants, and cowl. It’s more practical for movement and replacing torn parts.

  14. When was this printed?

    I don’t read DC, but this was actually a fashion thing in the early 2000s. Tank tops with weird detached sleeve accessories.

  15. Idk bout you bro but when i wore my overgrown clothes and my sleevs tucked in my pits that shits just irritating.

  16. I don’t mind some fanservice in outfits, but I agree armpit holes are dumb. I think sleeveless plus long sleeve gloves would provide a similar but better design

  17. I think they were trying to design her outfit to have some skin showing but not be overly sexual and thought “armpits are not sexual”…

    Also, I hate it, some versions are better looking but it still stupid looking