[Artwork] Cass/Kon (Batgirl/Superboy) Comic by

[Artwork] Cass/Kon (Batgirl/Superboy) Comic by

[Artwork] Cass/Kon (Batgirl/Superboy) Comic by

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  1. If in the past, someone told me that Cass and Connor and Cass and Steph would be the couples that started a “ship war” on this sub, I would have laughed so hard at that person.

    But, here we are.

    *On a side note, love the art.*

  2. I wanna be clear I’m not trying to downplay Steph…but is it even POSSIBLE for her to get a good hit on Cass like that?

  3. I’m on team Steph/Cass (Which I vote to rename “Ca’Steph” putting emphasis on the “Ca” so it’s a comic book sound effect), but I thoroughly enjoyed this. Steph and Tim giving off big sibling energy, and you can clearly see that Matches is already planning on taking down Kon if he hurts Cass in any way.

    Not sure why Matches cares so much about a BatKid but hey, it’s still good to see.