[Artwork] Starfire and Raven, by Romy Jones

[Artwork] Starfire and Raven, by Romy Jones

[Artwork] Starfire and Raven, by Romy Jones

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  1. I love how Gabe Picolo’s version of the Titans is slowly becoming everyone’s favourite version of the Titans.

  2. I’m really appreciating all the artwork of the Teen Titans acting and dressing like you know Teenagers.

  3. Got some Bartel vibes here. I like how Starfire has a NASA shirt when she’s probably seen more of space than them lol.

  4. I scrolled really fast for a sec and thought they were Jessie & James from Pokemon lol.

    Good drawing though!

  5. Starfire is very lovely here. Raven was always a bit of a rebel but I never would think she’d give the middle finger…. Maybe unless it was to a big bad person they had to fight. Maybe….

  6. I’ve noticed a trend in the last couple years of Raven’s face being drawn with the actor who plays her in Titans specifically in mind it seems