Nothing More Terrifying Than Falling In Love (Harley Quinn #9)

Nothing More Terrifying Than Falling In Love (Harley Quinn #9)

Nothing More Terrifying Than Falling In Love (Harley Quinn #9)

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  1. This art is weird the fuck is up with harleys face and waistline lmao her torso is all janky. Funny stuff

  2. I mean have you ever seen some spiders from Australia? I find them more terrifying than falling in love

  3. I don’t really like Harley Quinn that much and I personally can’t stand Rossmo’s art style but this issue was really well written. One of the best fear state tie ins (and much better than fear state itself.)

  4. as a lot of other comments mentioned the art is heavily stylized and I don’t really like it either, but the colors are *gorgeous*

  5. They are just the best couple in comics. I adore them, and this latest issue of Harley Quinn did NOT disappoint! Soo CUTE! Poison Quinn for lyfe.

  6. Im sorry for those who like this, but I will never like this pairing. They were perfect as friends and a relationship complicates it way too much. It doesnt even make sense from Ivy. Or who Ivy should be. It has done near irreparable harm to Ivy, turning her from one of the only A tier female villains in DC or even Comics in general to a c tier Harley side kick of all things.

    I have the perfect story to break them up for good too. If I ever write comics it would be one of my top priorities TBH. That and make Dick Grayson Batman on a permanent basis. Well as permanent as something can be in comics.