[Cosplay] Me cosplaying as The Joker

[Cosplay] Me cosplaying as The Joker

[Cosplay] Me cosplaying as The Joker

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  1. awesome! The make.up kinda reminds me of “The Dark Prince Charming”! Your slightly wavey.ish hair on the other hand reminds me a little of “The Killing Joke”! What was your influence/concept? (also missing the purple/violet …anything, but don´t mind me here loving the colour too much not to mention it´s lack )

    Thank you for sharing your picture! :3 *sends all the bat-hugs*

  2. It’s well composed in terms of the design, but I’m struggling with your joker personality in this specific image. I see no insanity or manic clown…I see Pagliacci.

    Which could be a fantastic way to reimagine the character.

    ETA: I think it’s beautiful, I just wonder where this character goes from here.