Good Day

Good Day

Good Day

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  1. Sometimes I think about those dystopian societies where everyone pretends that it’s all sunshine and rainbows but in reality, they’re all miserable. They go around, telling everyone that life is good, while internally knowing that it’s a lie. But they continue the lie, because everyone else is saying life is good. So it must be them, then. The individual is the problem, because they don’t see how awesome everything must be. If everyone else is happy, then being sad makes you abnormal. So they just say “good” to blend in and maintain the status quo.

    It’s a good thing we don’t live in that kind of a society…

  2. Every time I read one of your comics these days, I inch closer to quitting my job. It would be a huge mistake, but I want that 3hr high that comes with it.

  3. Damn man. I hate that’s a thing, don’t stop talking about it though. I work retail and most people I work with I can unload if they ask how it’s going. Make it normal to say how you’re really feeling. People unload on me at work sometimes it’s not awkward it makes me feel trusted and I want people to be healthy mentally.

  4. As someone dealing with recent loss, this is my life right now.

    Yep, fellow coworker. I’m doing great. Happy to be here. I totally don’t want to go cry in the bathroom for an hour and I did not just spend 20 minutes staring into the void of my computer screen because I can’t focus on anything.

  5. I try to help out if anyone’s not feeling up to their usual self. “I’m sorry to hear that. Why not go for a coffee or something nice during lunch to help cheer you up?”

  6. I called my psychiatrists office to check on an appointment time because I needed it to be soon. Her assistant is awesome and knows me.

    She answered the phone and did the usual “how are you?” when I told her it was me. I answered “it’s sucks! Is my appointment scheduled for tomorrow?” Lol she was entertained

  7. Hahaha yeah, we all know it’s a fake question! I just always say good so people can move on.

  8. I just say I had it rough then I shrug and say its not a big deal and ask them about their day