[Other]. “Comics Are Dying”

[Other]. “Comics Are Dying”

[Other]. "Comics Are Dying"

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  1. Man, I remember when Rebirth started how crazed everyone was picking up titles and diving in. Shit was awesome

  2. Would be semi-interesting to see how much of that was driven by speculative collecting.

    A lot of other hobbies (most notably Pokemon cards, but really plenty of them) had pretty crazy swells in interest/collecting during the pandemic. It’s unclear if they’ll continue this popularity as things return to normalcy.

  3. this makes me happy. i just got into reading Batman out of hype for battinson and branched out to teen titans and hope to get into Superman next

  4. I wonder if this takes into account manga. I’ve noticed it has slowly taken over the American comic section at the local stores I go to.

  5. I generally like what DC is doing at the moment and enjoy the medium overall so this is nice to see

  6. Crunching the numbers, that’s about 32.26 million dollars per month in sales for 2021.

  7. I was part of that rebirth boom somehow. Arpund the time i had started actually making money at a part time job and one day on the way to my college classes i saw a store. Been going ever since

  8. which comics are included in this list ? because when people say “comics are dying” they really mean “monthly super-hero comics are dying” which is true,those have gone down consistently in the last 25 years,but things like manga,and childrens (6-10 years old) comics are selling exceedingly well (in the millions),creator owned comics have also been stably going up since the mid 2000’s (the compedium collection of invicible recently broke 100 thousand copies),the correct term to what’s happening in the industry is “comics are drastically changing and if dc and marvel refuse to adapt they’ll be irrelevant very very soon”

  9. I know we’re supposed to be looking at the modern part, but what was the cause of the rise from 2003-2007, and subsequent drop off from 2007-2011?

  10. Well that’s all nice and good, however it would be nice to see the actual breakdown of sales numbers per publisher and titles.

  11. Doesn’t matter how well the comic industry is doing if it isn’t making manga numbers to some people. They just keep moving the goal post

  12. Even if this is including manga I bet American comics are up too. I’ve heard from multiple LCS owners that Covid increased sales a lot.

  13. The question is are they including foreign “comic books” in these charts? Because manga is huge right now. It’s also interesting to note that DC doesn’t release numbers anymore since their switch to Diamond so these are just “estimates”.

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