Am I any good for a 15 year old? Tips appreciated

Am I any good for a 15 year old? Tips appreciated

Am I any good for a 15 year old? Tips appreciated

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  1. Yes! Yes a hundred times. I just searched this cover to an actual image of it.

    Be honest, did you trace it at all and then color it in? Or was this from just looking at it and drawing it?

    It’s very good. It’s an amazing drawing and you should keep at it. Add color, whatever you do, that’s my advice…. learn to work with color! It’s such an extra skill to have when illustrating.

    Even if you only pencil comics, or even just ink them, color is such a skill to have in mind no matter stage you’re at with developing a panel.

    I’m nowhere near being a pro at this but I do know that you have talent and my tip is to master color and to work on smoothing out your lines to have less vibration to them.

    Love it

  2. The facial symmetry is a little off in places, mostly the eyes and ears. Read somewhere else in the comments this is based on another cover so I have no idea if that’s true for the actual one or not as well.

    But thing I’d impart on you–ask yourself why the artist you’re imitating rendered things the way they did. How did they feather lines on the skin to contour the cheekbones? How did that method vary for when they rendered metal or harder surfaces?

    That’s something worth taking away from studies like this. And it adds more tools in your brain box for how to handle similar things in your own art.

  3. You definitely got some talent worth developing.

    Branch out. Look at different styles, not just superhero comics and manga but underground comix and webcomics. Develop your own opinions and try to copy what you like. Never be ashamed to copy from the masters, whoever you think a master is.

  4. Lots of artists can draw covers, not all of them can tell a sequential story. Be sure to develop that skill too.

  5. Don’t lower yourself by defining yourself by expectations of any kind, regardless of what they are based on and what side you feel you fall on. Those expectations will only serve to constrain you in the future.

  6. It’s good, I know comic tasks get divided up a lot, but if you’re serious about illustration, then look into getting a sliding/rolling ruler so you can have straight lines for your text. It makes a world of difference when working on lettering

  7. I really like your line work. The expression is great, it really conveys a lot of emotion and deep interest in the character. The only flaw that I see is one a lot of artists’ have (including myself) is you need to work on your hands, as it’s hard to tell what angle the finger is working on, as it looks like it’s part way between a side and front on angle. Other than that, a solid effort!

  8. Everything fits your awesome art style, but I’d say add a thick outline around the head, fingers, and collar.

  9. A fellow young artist! I think your drawing is really good, you have a good grasp on facial proportions and I like your variation of line weight! All I could say to improving is keep practising

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