Fair Enough

Fair Enough

Fair Enough

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  1. Wouldn’t it be awful if life was fair, and we deserved all the terrible things that happened to us.

  2. This is the wrong sub for it, but it has always struck me as weird how… arbitrary society’s views on equality are.

    Men and women must be equal. White people and black people must be equal. Society will enforce building codes and give your parking spaces if your legs are broken, and it’s a moral imperative for Outlook to work well for blind users. And certainly no treating Muslims and Buddhists differently.

    But born dumb? Suddenly society doesn’t owe you shit.

  3. Wow this comment section got bad real fast. Who would’ve thunk.

    Anyways, funny comic! The clever philosophical musing contrasted with the punchline reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes

  4. Reddit loves to bring out comparison of humans with the rest of the animal kingdom when it comes to certain topics. But let’s see how fairness exists in the natural world, an animal, in general, with a good combination of good looks, might and intelligence will dominate over another weaker in some or all aspects. Why should it be a surprise that we value these traits in others and ourselves as humans? Don’t you assholes refer to animals when discussing alternate sexual behaviors? Or don’t you love saying “I fucking love science” or “fuck your sky daddy I belive in science”. Lmao science my ass, it seems whatever is the common acceptable belief, whether scientific or not, is considered good by reddit edge lords. Any slight deviation is wrong think until one day it isn’t.