Broomstick [OC]

Broomstick [OC]

Broomstick [OC]

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  1. Well there was that vibrating Nimbus 2000 that was very popular with girls before it got pulled from the market.

  2. All I can think about is if someone traveled back in time and the only modern technology they had was a vibrator and some batteries how would it change the world when it was discovered?

    We’d have cars propelled by vibration and shit lol

  3. [This is, ironically, exactly what witches’ broomsticks were.](

  4. “But it’s just something I use to masturbate!”

    “Masturbate?!? Kill her with fire!!”

  5. Well there is a myth about witches. Where they used a broomstick to administer Ergot by smearing it on the end and inserting it into their vagina. It “supposedly” makes them trip balls similar to LSD. Most likely a bunch of nonsense, but it’s a myth that has been around for centuries.

  6. Oh gosh, I love this comic and I don’t want to back-seat-punchline.

    But … “I found her *riding* this odd-looking broomstick”.

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