Sends shivers up the spine

Sends shivers up the spine

Sends shivers up the spine

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  1. love how they get you accustomed to two stage fights so when they hit you with a three stage you get slapped around like the only volleyball at the beach party

  2. Ah yes, that scythe is unmistakable. That fight in DS3 was absolutely brutal. Really great fight, just went on one too many Heath bars lol legit thought the game was trolling my first time through

  3. And don’t get me started on Seikiro. Owl was difficult, but man was Isshin the beast. Had to leave the game for the night and return back the next day to finish him.
    …And now I’m having flashbacks of Hollow Knights! Thanks Reddit for ruining my sleep again!

  4. Oh god I know exactly what this fight is. My intention was beating every boss in Dark Souls 3 without any assistance from anyone, including NPCs. This one took me forever. My friends were there when I finally beat her and I was screaming and cheering so loud when she finally died.

  5. its funny because i was just listening to vale decem, a latin song written for doctor who

  6. me singing in my mind: we are completely fucked,completely fucked,we are completely fucked, completely fucked

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