A mood

A mood

A mood

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  1. I’m in that stage of build up, similar to a scary scene coming in a horror movie. Soon the pain will be indescribable, but I’m not sure exactly when.

  2. Sometimes I’ll good naturedly remind my girlfriends approximately how many periods they have left in an attempt to provide some perspective and comfort. It does not help.

  3. Recently found out I’m positive for BRCA-2 gene mutation. The short of it is I’m at higher risk for several forms of cancer, the two big ones being breast and ovarian.

    Went to see a gyno oncologist and she was absolutely floored when I said I didn’t want kids and “jokingly” said you can take my ovaries right now. She looked stunned, once she recovered she kept bringing up how she didn’t want to remove them anytime soon and how many women can have regrets later in life and how expensive it is if you change your mind and are sterilized. I want zero children, if for some reason I’m not myself in the future and do what them then I’ll adopt. But I know I’ll have no regrets just happy I’m sterile and safer.

  4. I am going to date myself here but my go to is “I want to rip my uterus out, throw it at the wall and watch it do The Wacky Wallwalker”.

    I can’t wait for menopause.

  5. Me 3/4 of the month: lalala happy go lucky bubbly ball of sunshine and rainbows

    The other 1/4: death would be a release from this travesty

  6. It makes perfect sense that old religions are overwhelmingly misogynistic: if you assume that human biology was deliberately engineered, it becomes immediately undeniable that the one responsible HAAAAATES women with the fury of a thousand suns.

  7. Why are his eyes like they are in the first panel? Why is the background different in the last panel?

  8. Friendly reminder that is it NOT a good time to point out to her that it is, as a matter of fact, the uterus causing her woes.

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