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Answer Me This Question…

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  1. I felt it was a bit ham-fisted and too obvious of making an inverse Legoharu. I really think it boiled down to a weakpoint in Paru’s writing. the intentions were there, just the execution wasn’t nearly close to the intensity or importance of Legoharu.

    that being said, I feel a lot of fan content has explored this ship and its dynamics a lot better than the original material has.

  2. My best guess is that she actually did have a crush on Louis but felt trapped by species convention and pursued Legosi. After watching him with Haru and working through her own issues, she finally realized it was Louis she was interested in. It’s been a while since I read it but this makes sense based on what I remember.

  3. Attraction, contrast, as well as a desire to break out of the molds they’ve found themselves in I think. As both come to terms with their inhibitions, their opened eyes make them see each other as more than just rivals of two sides of the spectrum, but similars in several areas.

  4. I feel like they really only fell in love for plot purposes lol. I dont remember much of a reason why they did. Except maybe bc legoshi and haru pretty much denied both of them a chance at love.

  5. Meta-narratively speaking? Second lead syndrome as another user kindly pointed out in the original thread.

    Narratively speaking? There are a few reasons why I think that may have been. First, why did she have such an intense crush on Legosi? Simple: because he was the embodiment of everything she thought she needed in the “man” piece of her mental checklist of “power, beauty, a man”. He was but a male she found cute who happened to make a nice gesture at her, who was a grey wolf like herself. That last one is particularly important, since same-species ‘pure’ couples carry a lot of prestige in that world.

    Now, when that doesn’t pan out and she becomes confronted with the fact a bunny of all animals bested her in that department initially she hates the bunny, but then the Protecc instinct kicks in once she sees her being all vulnerable in the rooftop garden (“is this why Legosi is attracted to you”?) and she realizes her massive inferiority complex surrounding herbivores (the “I understand why I want segregation” bit). I believe these two things eroded the idea that a male wolf was the best way to fulfill her – for lack of a better term – girlboss aspiration in life. A male wolf may give her the prestige of a ‘pure’ couple, but this now pales in importance now compared to her personal sense of the virtue of herbivores as a category and her newfound protector fetish.

    Now, her girlboss aspirations in life are still very much there, and there’s a gaping man-shaped hole in there waiting to be filled (no double-entendre intended). And whomst in her immediate vicinity happens to be a man, a herbivore man at that who would give her the perceived superior gracefulness of herbivores, who also happens to be a surefire way to go up in the power ladder, and who is a lot on her mind lately due to being worried about his moral and physical integrity? Exactly. Her developing a crush on Louis was purely a matter of circumstance.

    Either that or she had a massive stomach boner for him ever since the theater scene and that disguised itself as a crush. Not the first time that happens in-universe.

    Incidentally, that’s why I don’t mind they didn’t end up together even if it was poorly executed. What Juno *wanted* according to this interpretation was to have a man for her personal life script, first as a trophy husband and then as a power-partner, but what she *needed* was to focus on why she so desperately thought she needed one for her life to be complete, and upon some more self-reflection decide whether to pursue a man out of volition rather than circumstance or just letting love happen organically instead of forcing it as a piece of a script.

  6. Because the only way to make that character interesting is by having her piggy back off of more dynamic better characters.

  7. These is no reason (that I can see) that would make Juno fall for Louis and vice versa.But take it with a grain of salt I’m bias for Legoshi/Louis