AOE or not, at the very least we’re getting a more fleshed out story+pacing and Mappa’s best possible work.

AOE or not, at the very least we’re getting a more fleshed out story+pacing and Mappa’s best possible work.

AOE or not, at the very least we're getting a more fleshed out story+pacing and Mappa's best possible work.

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  1. MAPPA invested into this series. Even WIT didn’t do that.

    Not to mention, they actually made sure that their core staff are all working on AOT.

    JJK was mostly made by freelancers, Takt was outsourced to studio Voln animators, and CSM is taking a while to make it.

    MAPPA’s biggest project right now, is AOT.

  2. We’ll have a whole episode dedicated to Eren crying to the point of throwing up and then continue crying

  3. I think the best outcome would be the current ending but not rushed and actually done well, and without incel eren scene or eren killing carla

  4. Maybe I’m just bias because the only improvement the anime has EVER done over the manga was Ymir’s backstory being moved, but I don’t think it’ll fix the ending

  5. Don’t get your hopes up for original scenes. Eren’s berserk Attack Titan wasn’t in the manga, it was new, but barely contributed anything to the story.

  6. The same guy whose tweets you’re showing said an AOE is unlikely.

    Also, the way your title is framing the situation is extremely misleading. There being “shots that aren’t present in the manga” is literally every season. The frequency of this varies, but episodes such as 4×15 had a lot. All Paolo means is that it will be a creatively driven episode with the visuals being more than just 1:1 panel adaptations, as well as some in between scenes.

    That’s also not inherently positive in terms of improving the pacing. In fact, from the looks of it Final Season Part 2 is going to be unnecessarily slow all the way through.

  7. good writers are collaborating to fix the issues, I think we’re getting a lot more of Eren’s and Ymir’s POV. That’s great

  8. I think it is better that they make the final fight that we know (avoiding spoilers) in a movie and they get the chance to draw it, because imagine all those CGI titans we’re going to get…