what if this guy received the founder?

what if this guy received the founder?

what if this guy received the founder?

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  1. Well, he was part of Eldia’s resistance back in Marley, so they wouldn’t have to go to the basement to know the truth, the guy would just tell everyone what was up. Also he would probably recognize most of the pure titans beyond the walls. Assuming he was very devoted to Eldia’s cause, he would sacrifice himself as soon as he identified Dina Fritz titan.

    Unfortunately she would fall for the vow, and wouldn’t be able to really use the Founder. But if we’re optimistic, she would rule Paradis, give them education and knowledge and maybe, if they’ve got strong enough, sign an armistice with Marley.

    That’s how I see it, but also he could be a selfish dork who doesn’t tell people shit and only use the titan power for self benefit

  2. He’d probably immediately try to attack Marley, or if he was more rational, he would have told Paradis about the truth of the world. After that, he would have helped everyone find the Armored, Colossal, and Female titans while trying to figure out how to use the founder… Of course it’s impossible for that guy to have ever possessed the founder because it’s like Eren was predestined to use the founder to do the rumbling anyway.

  3. Reiner, bertholdt and Annie’s job would have been a 1000 times easier and Marley would have already won without declaring a war.

  4. Eren had goldlike power but only uses it to rumble.Shame we didnt see the full extent of the founders power

  5. Instantly starts the rumbling and nothing can be done to stop it. It doesn’t matter that he’s not Royal blood because he has the power of Christmas magic and Ymir will listen so she doesn’t get coal for Christmas.

  6. Would be interesting, considering he’s a Restorationist and knows the truth about the world.