I was so disappointed when I saw that this meant absolutely nothing

I was so disappointed when I saw that this meant absolutely nothing

I was so disappointed when I saw that this meant absolutely nothing

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  1. He probably had a solid idea for a complete story until he/the people in charge realized that you cant make a sequel with the ending he had in mind

  2. Yeah, I too had hopes of time travel or the cycle repeating itself back to first episode at the end but I’m pissed that it meant nothing.

  3. I don’t think it was meaningless. The title was clearly referenced in ch 122 when Eren tells Ymir “you must have been waiting… 2000 years just for somebody” to free her.

    Of course this doesn’t explain exactly what the pilot title means. I think when Yams thought of it he just had a general idea of a twist where a titan from 2000 years ago communicates with Eren.

  4. I think this could be explained as Ymir talking to Eren. She was the one that sent him the dream we see at the beginning of episode one. Or something like that, I guess we just gotta ask Ymir cause only she knows

  5. Even tho I leaned towards liking the ending I cannot deny that this whole piece of plot left me somewhat disappointed.

    Maybe it was me being overexcited and expecting too much but I can safely say that the way the ending was handled did kind of play a part in making so many conclusions unsatisfactory.

    I don’t mind Mikasa being the center of it, but a reveal that important to the story and possibly the most important in the series cannot just be brushed off in a single page…….

  6. it will mean a lot when Eren’s Grandson (beren) appear later on “Attack on titans 2” a.k.a “Attack on Shippuden”

  7. I mean it absolutely did mean something! Ymir was reaching out from inside the paths and it took more than 2,000 years for someone to see her for who and what she is: a scared little girl forced to do the will of a family of tyrants, and eren was the one who finally answered.

  8. It does mean something. It means that the manga was written with intention and this idea that “It was changed along the way” is stupid. It’s Isayama saying “I wrote the story I wanted to write” all the way upto the end.

  9. If you understand that they do not refer to Eren, not much less to Historia, rather to Mikasa, it means much

  10. I personally took it as a warning. The epilogue eludes to the rediscovery of Ymir’s tree and the possible return of the Titans. I take the entirety of the story to be a warning to the future. “To you, in 200 years. Look what we have wrought and learn from our mistakes.”

  11. Isayama: “No, you see it was meant for Mikasa not Eren. What the fuck have y’all been smokin’? Hehe, these guys.”