Becoming one with the meme

Becoming one with the meme

Becoming one with the meme

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  1. What? They weren’t programmed for the rumbling but they were programmed to just walk, which is what the rumbling is? The whole point of creating them was for the threat of the rumbling.

  2. Nukes arent programmed to destroy enemy cities. They’re just rockets that the president controls. But it just so happens that when you land it on enemy assets its considered a nuclear strike. You could order them to destroy a forest so you have one empty space to use

  3. What? Why do people thing those titans were “programmed” to do something? Like at which point in the story was something like that established? Eren simply gives them commands, like he commanded surrounding titans to eat Dina.

  4. Funny meme on the right aside, i am right though.

    The Wall Titans aren’t programmed robots, they are titans that Eren can control and it just so happens that if Eren orders all of them to walk at the same time, then that is The Rumbling because of the countless of titans that are walking at the same time as they rumble the lands.

    If Eren only controlled a single colossal titan, then that wouldn’t have been the rumbling, it would just be a colossal titan taking a walk.

  5. I’m imagining that person doing the dance while typing that, and it makes this so much better