It’s giving…obsession.

It’s giving…obsession.

It's giving...obsession.

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  1. Or, alternative title: Anyone else reading *Wished You Were Dead*? 😂

    Our ML, King Karloi, is *so* angry and paranoid that it’s kinda OTT territory. I mean, there’s a reason but *gotdang* man. Karloi’s at 1000% constantly. Every episode. The pure anger and hatred in this ML’s heart for the Duke is extreme, and it gave me major flashbacks to Hiram Lodge’s feud with Archie Andrews. I didn’t think I’d have much opinion on WYWD, but I’m unexpectedly loving how awful and suspicious Karloi is.

    (Also, *yeah*, I did abandon rotating the photos to fit the meme because my computer only has MS Paint on it. I tried my best 😩)