i need advice, i feel like something is wrong on the second pane

i need advice, i feel like something is wrong on the second pane

i need advice, i feel like something is wrong on the second pane

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  1. I think it might help centering the character to the middle of the panel, and drawing out the rest of their hand. I think the way it cuts off looks a little awkward. It also looks like their fingers go behind the ball their holding on the other hand, it might be worth making their fingers longer and go over the ball a little bit

  2. it seems fine to me. though if i had to nitpick the right leg area above the left arm doesn’t line up as well as it could with the right leg and left leg below the left arm.

  3. For me it’s the waist, and the leg. The legs below the left arm doesn’t align with the torso above the left arm.

  4. I think you need more space for the panel?🧐 for the reader and maybe add like a thought bubble or whatever the character is gonna say in the 2nd action panel😄

    making comics is the same as storyboarding.And in storyboarding we use it in movies, animation AND COMICS I recommend studying from comic book pros and movies their transitions are smooth like butter and that is where I get my references of making smooth transitions in comics hopefully this helps.✌️😔

  5. oooh I like how dynamic it looks! but I agree with the rest of the comments here 😀

  6. In the first panels it establishes the ball is in the left hand and when we jump to the second the ball is now in the right hand.

  7. Try sliding the character over to the right and focus more on where the action is. That is main point of the panel. So the action lines should be focused on the ball and not the center of the panel. I like your colors btw. Here’s an example of the action lines focusing on the action [action lines](