anyone else get annoyed seeing comments like this? the heteronormativity radiating from this is disgusting. if one of them were a woman they wouldn’t bat an eye..

anyone else get annoyed seeing comments like this? the heteronormativity radiating from this is disgusting. if one of them were a woman they wouldn’t bat an eye..

anyone else get annoyed seeing comments like this? the heteronormativity radiating from this is disgusting. if one of them were a woman they wouldn't bat an eye..

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  1. there is something to be said about webtoon users and fetishizing gay people but 100% if everyone was shipping a straight couple in whatever comic that person is talking about they would not care as much

  2. I don’t mind if the characters are Queer or not, as long as the story is interesting to me.

  3. Yeah, I used to think nothing of these comments at first until I started seeing more on webtoons, and only under comment sections where people are just gushing about two guys possibly being a couple. It seems like some of the people who say this wouldn’t be repeating it constantly when fans are shipping a hetero ship, but suddenly it becomes a problem and “not everything has to he gay!!!” whenever fans in the comments ship two people of the same gender.

    I mean, not everything is straight either, so should fans of a straight ship stop too? Should all shipping unless it’s canon be stopped? No! I think it’s silly. People can use their imagintion to ship whatever the hell they want, even if it’s not canon, as long as they’re not doing anything to the author or other readers and it’s not, like, a pedo thing. And what’s even the problem if the shippers are in their own comments shipping amongst themselves? They’re literally not pushing anything on anyone or “forcing” anyone to be anything, they’re just gushing in their own comment chain…? If the author isn’t catering to these people anyway and is still doing their story how they want, then it doesn’t hinder my enjoyment of the story at all…

  4. They low-key got a point. People are quick to assume just because a dude pats another dude on the back they must be gay for each other. That doesn’t mean shit.

    Also, most people are straight. That’s why heteronormativity exists. You shouldn’t assume anyone’s sexuality in general but chances are most humans are straight.

  5. Meh, this person does have a point though. People WAY over romanticize homosexual relationships. It’s like… it’s people liking another person. That’s it. But there’s like a sexual fetish or whatever going on—

  6. I actually agree with the dude. It’s how the Sherlock Fandom ruined the show for everybody else.

  7. Im bisexual, but I also agree with this person. The amount of queer webtoon has increased a lot, especially canvas stories. Its like they dont even have a plot. And the fact that its mostly focused on homosexuality is beyond my understanding.

    Like creators are purposefully trying to attract queer community but are failing miserably.

    There are other sexual orientations, like me who is bisexual and demisexual. I dont see anyone representing that….
    Its just annoying:)

  8. by the way the comic this comment was in is “the greatest estate developer”! it’s new to webtoon and really funny

  9. There’s a lot more to incorporate than straight people now. Everyone in the Queer Community deserves some representation, so do straight people but it’s fair to stay they’ve had a unholy amount of media time compared to everyone else. Frankly I don’t know what this person’s on about, the webtoons I read usually have straight representation or no romance at all. I’d actually like more lgbt representation as a queer gal myself , as long as you don’t go over the line of fetishising queer people, what’s wrong with a lot of representation?

  10. I’m not sure if I could word my point here properly because english isn’t my first language but they have a point if the people that were being shipped were straight or one of them is. Although people who like BL or GL or any LGBTQ person who does do have the freedom of shipping characters they like(as long as it isn’t ped* or a similar thing to that) it sometimes gets annoying when they assume the character’s sexuality just because character a is nice/does something nice to character b.

    And I believe that it is also because there are people who fet*shize them, mostly female readers in the BL genre.

    However, if the story is meant to be an LGBTQ genre or this comment is meant to come off as homophobic then this person is in the wrong.

    >if one of them were a woman they wouldn’t bat an eye..

    And if i understood correctly from your caption, if a woman does flirt with a man that seems to have no interest (im not sure if this is what people call a pick me or really just someone annoying) then this is an eyesore to most female readers because they would start throwing words like “annoying b*tch” which is misogynistic (?) And yes I believe most male readers won’t mind it.

    Sorry if there were mistakes or wrong wordings, I don’t know how to explain it very well;;

  11. Context matters here.

    If Drumstick is reading a romance/drama and its main characters are two dudes; its like ordering sushi and complaining at the restaurant because you’re allergic.

    Context REALLY matters here. There’s nuance in everything.