Controversy the Anime

Controversy the Anime

Controversy the Anime

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  1. I mean, it changes a lot when you read the light novels but yeah… It’s just a generic Op Mc anime with some “logical” magic thingies

  2. How is more incest better, but more nationalism worse?
    Edit: The main part I was criticizing was that the more incest part was portrayed as good. I seem to have worded it the wrong way, so it caused the misunderstanding that I think nationalism is better than incest.

  3. I watch it because of my favourite seiyuu’s, stay because the magic logic is better than Harry Potter and the school uniform looks pretty.

  4. Speaking of nationalism, we need to get E;R-senpai to tell us what he thinks of this show. He hasn’t made a video on it.

  5. Tbf there’s a LOT of MCs more OP than bitchi-I mean Kirito. Unless it’s SAO Abridged. That version of Kirito I like. In fact it’s the only version of Kirito I acknowledge exists. Orher than that, .Hack is better.

  6. Story had great potential, esp with how fleshed out and we’ll thought out the world and the “science” was, but mostly tatsuya’s situation imo. Sadly the author could not tell a proper fucking story and stopped any semblance of character development for Tatsuya, even pivoting the story away from him as the main in the sequel.

    Like who the fuck thinks that the people that reads the entire of the first set that follows this one MC, will suddenly like it if you put him on the back burner and try to focus on other characters that weren’t even from the core cast? I think this author deluded himself into thinking his world was that special, no it’s been done a million times already, the only thing you did better was the explanat for it.

  7. it was kinda boring for me.

    Story isn’t very food. Feels like things just kinda happen and at one point they get predictable.

  8. Kirito isn’t OP. He earned his power. Why does nobody bitch about Ains even though he also earned his power and *IS* OP? We don’t even see Ains earn his power. We see Kirito get stronger.

  9. Somehow this series does “everyone wants MC’s dick” even worse than other power fantasy anime. The characters in this show are unbearable.

  10. I just remember it was another generic anime. I dig the power fantasy trash but god damn a plank of wood is not a character template

  11. Can someone point me in the direction in where to find/read the synopsis for the show.

  12. I still don’t know how they’re really related but iirc they’re not, ***so its even better***

  13. Only watched season one but my take on it was that it was so not good or bad that I honestly struggled to get through it because of how bored I was

  14. When I was reading the post I thought wow finally a good anime then I saw the picture and realized that i have already watched the anime and read all the light novels. Can’t I have just one good anime that isnt new which I havent watched yet!!!!

  15. This is one of the first anime I watched that made go “wow, that was terrible!”

  16. Soa and op mc? Guy is just the favorite test subject of a few scientists and developers lol