asking for a friend

asking for a friend

asking for a friend

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  1. Take her out to eat at Taco Bell first then when you yank it out fast you got a Mexican Lawnmower

  2. No, usually they bleed or get hurt if they haven’t worked up to or done rough anal before

  3. This is a guaranteed way to end up with shit all over your bed, floor, walls, ceiling, e v e r y t h i n g.

    Source: I’ve heard enough horror stories from EMS workers who had to witness the aftermath.

  4. Yes. That is exactly how that works. In fact, I highly recommend it. Absolutely nothing bad could possible happen. Trust me.

  5. Probably just pull em a few inches and they’d get pissed at you.

    If it starts hurting your instinct is to clench, so your experiment wouldn’t get too far.

  6. Blood would go everywhere pull them out slow like ur supposed to. Your partner will thank you.

  7. It would cause internal bleeding probably.

    The spinny part probably won’t happen.

    If you are both rollerskating, and hug, you do end up spinning though.