Bakemonogatari is way too underrated

Bakemonogatari is way too underrated

Bakemonogatari is way too underrated

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  1. monogatari series was a blast man sometimes hard to understand what is going on and specially on earlier seasons you hold one finger on space bar for stupid 0.000013 second texts but its a great anime overall

  2. Bakefans flex on casuals for not getting the series wholly, while they also fail to comprehend it all

    Still, Hanekawa is Love and Light ♡

  3. Monogatari is my all time favourite anime. The novels are some of my all time favourite novels. But I wouldn’t really call it “underrated”. But a lot of people definitely pass it on without watching because of its length and the very different style, which is unfortunate.

  4. I stopped on the third season, it just got boring for me. Maybe Ill start again in a few years.

  5. I really liked the first season, and maybe the second.But the anime kept getting more and more confusing and convoluted; took completely random paths. After a while, im thinking “fuck this, I don’t need another fate:stay, type anime.”

  6. The most boring popular series out there, kizumonogatari was fun as movies, first season was kinda interesting with the idea, s2 fell off, everything after is just hehe did you see this joke we did 60 times before well here it is again