Happens to me all the time

Happens to me all the time

Happens to me all the time

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  1. I never thought it would be me, but nowadays I’m too busy reading manga and manwha to watch anime

  2. Half the time I never get around to watching the last episode as I don’t want the show to end. I’ve got around 20 different shows that are one episode away from being completed

  3. I find it helps if you are truly invested. I for one am absolutely in love with the gundam franchise. I watched 2 seasons of Gundam 00 with 25 episodes each season as well as a 2 hour long move in about a week. It was super easy for me and I didn’t struggle because I love everything about gundam. If you forced me to watch 50 episodes and a movie about a slice of life I probably couldn’t even force myself to watch more than 2 episodes a day.

  4. It feels like a chore to even stay up to date on a seasonal anime that I like lol. I love kaguya Sama and AOT but still haven’t finished their anime 😭

  5. I just caught up with one piece and it took me two years and five other shows to get there.

  6. There is a few animes that are the same shits, mc isekai or in a game, harem and some random furry waifu, cheat skills, system mechanic, some op items im pointing at you labyrinth isekai

  7. This hits waaay too close to home.
    Just yesterday I binged the 2nd season of 86 that I had in my “to watch” list since it came out and it hit me… this is the first season af an anime I binged in less than week in over a year, and probably the first I binged in a day in nearly 5 years. I used to go through 24 episodes seasons of anime like candy, now I can barely keep up with 12 episodes seasons.